Kristina Kananaviciute

Kristina Kananaviciute

BA English Language and Literature

Summary: Kristina talks about her involvement with many different student societies and the Discovery modules available at Leeds

I am 22 years old and I originally come from Lithuania. I have been living in England for the past 10 years and having started to learn English at the age of 4, I found an interest in the language. I have always enjoyed reading and analysing texts, and after doing my English Literature A level I decided to pursue my interest further. Leeds offered it all – a great structure to the course and a great city to live in.

I have always been interested in the mind and psychological analysis of the psyche and here in Leeds I have been able to take great modules from the Medical Humanities subsection of the School. It has allowed me to pursue my interests further, as well as develop new ones. The modules in the course allow you to find what you enjoy, from the core modules that cover all of the literary periods to optional modules that expand on specific themes or areas. I really enjoyed the opportunity to explore all of these different texts – the course structure is great and it keeps you interested all the way throughout your degree. I also like the fact that the lecturers teaching you are the top specialists in your field, people that continually do research and really know their topics. You can be in seminars discussing texts that the tutor sitting in front of you has written Norton Anthologies on, and they help you develop your ideas alongside your peers. The Discovery modules also allow you to find interests in other areas – you can take a wide variety of modules in other departments, from maths to taking up a new language.

There are over 250 societies at Leeds and something for everyone, it is just hard to choose! During the first few weeks of term there are many Give it a Go sessions which are taster sessions run by the societies in order for you to see if you would like to be a part of that society. Whilst at Leeds I have been a part of a few societies: the English Society, that has many different socials, including a free tea and cake afternoon, Snowriders – a ski and snowboarder society, Homed – a volunteering society, Hiking society and Baking society.

Leeds is a great city – it has something for everyone. There are so many different art galleries, museums and theatres, as well as great nightlife and shopping. It is never boring and it has so many different things to do.