Gillian Browne

Gillian Browne

BA English Language and Literature

Summary: Gillian talks about her time at Leeds including her involvement in the English Society and writing for the Leeds Student newspaper.


I was always obsessed with books and reading, and as I grew up it became more obvious that English was the natural choice for me, as I loved it more than anything else. Leeds was a last minute choice on UCAS as I had never been but had heard great things about it, and I came to visit the day after sending off my UCAS application and absolutely loved everything about it, the atmosphere and the city and course all seemed perfect. After that I didn’t want to go anywhere else.

The course is exactly what I hoped it would be. My favourite parts of the course have probably been my optional modules in second year. I just completed a module called ‘Fictions of Fallen Women’ which was all my interests rolled into one module. The range of modules means that anyone can find the perfect for them.

Outside of studying I've found that student societies provide for pretty much any interest. I have tried writing for the Leeds Student newspaper, taking part in the Baking Society, have been to see a lot of student plays, gone on holiday with English Society twice, and taken part in various activities organised by them. They are usually very cheap and really fun.

Leeds is such a great place to be a student. The centre is only ten minutes from campus, there’s so much to do but it’s all nearby. Leeds’ reputation pretty much speaks for itself, in my opinion it’s the most fun city to go to in the UK.