Mick Gidley

Emeritus Professor of American Literature

+44(0) 113 343 4727

Summary: Awarded Arthur Miller Essay Prize ( 2007) for an essay on the photographer Richard Avedon. Became Emeritus Professor of American Literature & Culture on retirement in 2006.

Professor Mick Gidley BA, Manchester; MA, Chicago; DPhil, Sussex

Research Interests

Interests in American literary and cultural history, with emphasis on representations of race and region; photography; modernism, especially Faulkner; Native American expression; ideas of landscape; transcultural transmissions. His books on American Indian themes are:

The Vanishing Race: Selections from Edward S. Curtis ' The North American Indian (1976; 1987);

With One Sky Above Us: Life on an Indian Reservation at the Turn of the Century (1979; 1985);

Kopet: A Documentary Narrative of Chief Joseph's Last Years (1981; 1983);

Edward S. Curtis and The North American Indian, Incorporated (1998; 2000),

and, most recently,

Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian Project in the Field (2003).

His other works include:

A Catalogue of American Paintings in British Public Collections (1974)
American Photography (1983), and, as editor or co-editor:

Views of American Landscapes (1989; 2007)
Locating the Shakers (1990)
Representing Others: White Views of Indigenous Peoples (1992)
Modern American Culture (1993)
American Photographs in Europe (1994)
Modern American Landscapes (1995).

Currently, he is working on a study of E. O. Hoppé's Anglo-American writings and photographs.

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Order a copy of Mick Gidley, Edward S. Curtis and The North American Indian Project in the Field.

Read a copy of Mick Gidley, "Silence, Grandeur: Emil Otto Hoppé's Popular American Landscapes".

Order a copy of Stand, Native American Special Issue, 8:1 (2008), edited by Mick Gidley. 

Recent Activities

Appointments and Awards:

Awarded Arthur Miller Essay Prize ( 2007) for an essay on the photographer Richard Avedon.
Became Emeritus Professor of American Literature & Culture on retirement in 2006.
In 2005 served as William Robertson Coe Distinguished Visiting Professor of American Studies at the University of Wyoming.
Awarded a British Academy grant for research travel in the US, 2004.
Arts & Humanities Research Board (AHRB) Study Leave for 2001 calendar year.
Leverhulme Grant for research travel for study of E.O. Hoppé, 2001-2002.

Some Plenary Lectures:

Edward S. Curtis Symposium, Getty Center, Los Angeles, June 2008
US Survey Photography, Paris 3 University, September 2007.
Symposium on Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, University of London, February 2007.
First Symposium, Native Studies Research Network, London, September 2006.
American West Symposium for Alfred Bush, Princeton University, April 2006.
Picturing Atrocity, Graduate Center of CUNY, New York, December 2005.
American Realities, Swiss Association for North American Studies, Lausanne, November 2002.
Photography and the American Dream, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, September 2001.
Curtis symposia, Claremont, CA; Paris; Lyons; and Lausanne, 2000-2001.

Other Papers:

Native American Camera Consciousness, Terra Foundation, Giverny, France, July 2007
The Photographic Representation of Indians, Universities of Colorado, Wyoming, Warwick, East Anglia, Leeds, etc, 2005-2007
Photographs in US History, US Council for the Teaching of History, Montana State University, June 2005.
Marcus Cunliffe Writes America, British Association for American Studies, April 2005.
Richard Avedon's In the American West, Universities of Basel, Venice, Lancaster, Nottingham, Swansea, Sussex, etc, 2000-2003.

National and International Professional Activities:

Guest edited a special Native American issue of STAND, "Engaging with Tradition", Vol.8, Number 1 (2008), which features work by leading contemporary figures (for an order form, click here).
Editorial Boards, Comparative American Studies, 2002-; American Quarterly, 2000-2004; Journal of American Studies, 1998-2006; etc
Founder member and Executive Committee member, Native Studies Research Network, 2005-
Member, AHRC Peer Review College, 2004--
Executive Committee, International American Studies Association, 2001-03.
Research Assessment Exercise Panel for American Studies, 1999-2001.
UK (elected) Representative, Board of European Association for American Studies, 1997-2002.

Symposia Organization

Literature & Photography, School of English, University of Leeds, 10 November 2007.
(with Jay Prosser), Reading Photographs in Crisis, Leeds Humanities Research Institute, 14 December 2007.


Professor Gidley retired from teaching in 2006.