Lola Okolosie

Lola Okolosie

MA Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies (2009-2010)

Summary: Lola discusses her reasons for choosing the MA in Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies and how she found the course.

I decided to apply for the MA Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies as I saw that this was the only course offering the mixture of modules that I wanted to take.  I also was attracted by the fact that the university had the Institute for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies (ICPS), a multilingual forum for the comparative treatment of ideas, issues and problems related to the study of the colonial past and to the cultures of the contemporary postcolonial world.

I absolutely loved the course. It met all of my expectations and more! I most enjoyed the excellent selection of novels on the Reading African Cultures and Caribbean and Black British Writing.  Also, I was lucky enough to study with a wonderful mixture of people.

Now I have graduated I would like to continue teaching and writing.