Lauren Elias

BA English and German

Summary: Lauren gives away her top-tips for new students at Leeds and explains why the 'highly reputed' English department at Leeds was her first choice.

Why did you decide to study here?

For me, Leeds University was my number one choice of university for a variety of reasons. The course I was interested in, English and German, was highly reputed and the English department is in the UK’s Top Ten.  The Joint Honours’ system at Leeds was extremely appealing as there was a wide choice of modules to choose from. Leeds is a fantastic city with a great night-life and shopping, which stood in a stark contrast to my home town! I imagined it would be nice to live somewhere that has a variety of pubs and clubs, like Leeds. The facilities at Leeds are amazing too and they really stood out from other universities

What are your top-tips for new students?

Although it is clearly important, university is not just about intense studying and Leeds has a range of clubs and societies available. There is everything from the student radio to modern dance and they are a great opportunity to meet new people and get involved in university life.

Where did you spend your year abroad?

I spent my year abroad in Munich, Germany where I did a twelve month internship at Allianz, an international insurance firm.

What did you enjoy most about the year abroad?

The highlight of my year abroad was being able to immerse myself in German culture. By living with German people and socialising with my German friends I gained a different perspective on Germany, rather than having a typical ‘tourist’ experience. This allowed me to improve my language skills too! Travelling around Germany was fantastic. Munich has to be my favourite city and Oktoberfest, the biggest beer festival in the world, is held there. There are plenty of other things to do in Munich, including; museums, parks and shops and I would recommend it to all prospective Erasmus students.

What’s the best thing about Leeds University?

There isn’t a ‘best thing’ about Leeds, there are a few! I love the fact that it is a campus university and only ten minutes away from the city centre. This means that the campus has a community feel to it. The Student Union is incredible and we won the Best Student Union award this year! There is a great selection of shops and nightclubs and I think the ‘Not For Profit, Just For Students’ is a great system that we have here at the Union.

What’s the best thing about your course?

The best thing about the course is the variety of modules that are available and this makes the Joint Honours department so great. I have the opportunity to study a diverse selection of modules, from ‘Old English’ to ‘German Cinema’ so I am never bored. Through the course I have also developed excellent German skills and these are very attractive to future employers.

What university clubs and societies are you a member of?

I am a member of the German Society, Sign Language and the Assassin’s Guild society (for a bit of light-hearted fun!) I have worked on the Student Radio in the past and have been playing netball for the German department.

Give an example of one of your favourite things to do in Leeds.

The Otley Run is one of my favourite things to do and is something that every student at Leeds will experience at least once. It is a great chance to let your hair down and wear an interesting array of fancy-dress costumes!