Max Jones

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Summary: Leverhulme funded "Thinking Counterfactually" project

Location: Baines Wing LG07

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working with John Divers on the Leverhulme funded "Thinking Counterfactually" project.

I completed my PhD in philosophy at the University of Bristol in 2015, which focused on the implications of recent findings in the study of numerical cognition for traditional issues in the philosophy of mathematics.

I primarily specialise in philosophy of psychology and the cognitive sciences, philosophy of perception, and philosophy of mind, with a particular emphasis on investigating the implications of recent developments in the sciences of the mind for traditional issues in metaphysics and epistemology.

My current research focuses on psychological findings regarding the nature of counterfactual thought, the relation between counterfactual thought and the imagination, and the implications for the epistemology of modality. I am also interested in the role that counterfactual representation might play in perception and action, as well as the implications of this for debates about mental representation.