John Christie

Honorary Fellow

Summary: History of Scottish Science; Social History of Science; Enlightenment Science, especially Chemistry; Science, Language and Literature; Science, Art and Aesthetics; Theoretical Historiography.

John Christie is a long-standing member of the HPS Division. His core interests are in the history of early modern science, most particularly the histories of alchemy and chemistry. He is also a historian of Enlightenment, and the role of science within it, most particularly the case of Scotland.

He has developed further interests in the twentieth-century relations between physics, painting, music, and literature. Currently he is working on a reinterpretation of science in Enlightenment in England, focusing on Leeds scientific savant, Joseph Priestley.

Research Interests

  • History of Scottish Science
  • Social History of Science
  • Enlightenment Science, especially Chemistry
  • Science, Language and Literature
  • Science, Art and Aesthetics
  • Theoretical Historiography

Selected Publications

  • 'The Social Standing of Science: Some Contemporary History', History of the Human Sciences 8 (1995), 103-10.
  • 'Historiography of Chemistry in the Eighteenth Century: Hermann Boerhaave and William Cullen', Ambix 41 (1994), 4-19.
  • 'A Tragedy for Cyborgs', Configurations: A Journal of Literature, Science and Technology 1 (1993), 171-96.
  • 'The Human Sciences: Origins and Histories', History of the Human Sciences 6 (1993), 1-12.
  • 'Aurora, Nemesis and Clio', British Journal for the History of Science 26 (1993), 391-403.
  • 'William Cullen and the Practice of Chemistry', in William Cullen and the Eighteenth Century Medical World, ed. by A. Doig et al. (Edinburgh: Edinburgh Univ. Press, 1993), pp. 98-109.