Dr Simone Lomartire

Dr Simone Lomartire

Teaching Fellow

+113 343 9535

Summary: Broadly, my scholarly interests include: Foreign Language Pedagogy, Theatre Studies, Cinema Studies, Canadian Studies, Irish Studies, Semiotics, and Cultural History.

Location: Michael Sadler Building, Room B05

Teaching Commitments: ITAL1094 ITAL1150 ITAL1030 ITAL1035 ITAL2011 ITAL2015 ITAL2016 ITAL2017 ITAL3010 FLTU1601 FLTU1602 FLTU1605

My academic journey at Leeds began in 2006, having completed my Laurea Magistrale at the Catholic University of Milan, where I graduated cum laude with a degree in English, French, and Education. I obtained a Master's Degree in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies from the University of Leeds in 2007, under the joint supervision of Professor Rachel Killick and Professor Graham Huggan, and a PGCHE from Leeds Beckett University in 2012. In 2013 I completed my PhD at Leeds, under Professor Graham Huggan. My doctoral research examined a selection of plurilingual plays in Toronto and Montreal, drawing on cultural history and theatre semiotics while questioning existing frameworks deployed in Canadian theatre criticism.

I now teach Italian across all levels of the degree in Italian, in combination with other disciplines, and within the LfA programme. I am also the module leader of ITAL1150 and ITAL1094. As part of my roles, I am the Deputy Director of the Leeds Centre for Canadian Studies and a member of the language learning advising team for LCS.

Prior to working at Leeds, I was a Part-time Lecturer in Italian and French at Leeds Beckett, and my work experience had mainly shaped around teaching English, Italian, and French at various levels of education. I had also worked as an interpreter for the European Union, the British Council in Italy, and I have been involved as both an interpreter and translator with various cinema organisations. 

While my current area of research follows closely on from my MA and PhD, the scholarship of teaching now occupies most of my scholarly activities. My main pedagogic interests include the development of integrated models of facilitation for non-language specialists and the implementation of the glottodrama method across language and content modules for JH degrees in Italian/French and English. I am also part of pedagogic projects involving the use of language apps for independent learning, and am currently acting as a consultant for Edexcel Pearson in order to develop standardised teaching resources on Italian theatre and film for section C (research-based essay) of the Italian A-level exam.

I have published in the area of Canadian theatre and cinema, Irish memoir writing, and Italian language teaching. As an active member of the Higher Education Academy and the Leeds Centre for Canadian Studies, you will find me presenting my extant work at manifold international conferences, symposia, and workshops. I am also the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships from the School of English (which funded both my MA degree and PhD project), the Leeds Centre for Canadian Studies, the Italian government, and Leeds Beckett University.

My real life happens at home, cooking, watching old films and reading for pleasure!