Dr Abdul B Shaikh

Dr Abdul B Shaikh

Teaching Fellow in Islamic Studies

Summary: Arab and Islamic history and civilization; Abrahamic faiths, theology and philosophy; Judaism and Christianity

Location: Michael Sadler Building


I completed by undergraduate degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Leeds in 2001. In the same year I commenced my MA in  Qur'anic Studies and completed my studies in 2003. Between 2006-2011, I studied for a PhD in Comparative religion specifically focussing on the notion of creation from a medieval and modern perspective within the Abrahamic faiths.

Dr Shaikh is a regular media contributor who has appeared on Sky TV,  BBC radio and France24. He is also a feature columnist for Spanish newspaper based in Madrid.

Research Interests

Medieval Jewish, Christian and Islamic theologies

Medieval Jewish Christian and Islamic philosophy

Islamic Studies

Qur'anic Studies

Middle Eastern History,  

Islamic History and Civilization

Radical Islamist Movements  

Taught Courses

ARAB 1030 An Introduction to Arab and Islamic Civilisation

ARAB 1160 Introduction to the Middle East: Culture, Politics and Religion (Contributor)

ARAB 2190 Global Jihad: From the Taliban to ISIS. 

HIST 1090  Medieval and Renaissance Europe (Contributor)

LLLC 0172 Introduction to Personal Development and Academic Skills  

LLLC  1367 - Introduction to Islam

LLLC 1356 Principles of Islamic Law

LLLC 1398 Key Texts in Middle Eastern Religions

LLLC 1373 Islamic History and Civilization 

LLLC 1389 Introduction to Islamic Philosophy 

PhD Research Supervision

I am willing to offer PhD supervision in all areas relating to Islamic Studies, Qur'anic Studies and Comparative religion with particular reference to the Abrahamic faiths  



Shaikh, A.B. (2011) Medieval and Modern Concepts of Creation in the Abrahamic Faiths, Lincom Europa.

Shaikh, A.B. (2017) Unity, Prophecy and Eschatology in the Abrahamic Traditions Noor Publications, Dusseldorf. 

Book Contributions

Contributed to Hill,D.J and Whistler D (2013) The Right to Wear Religious Symbols, Palgrave Macmillan  

Chapters in Books

 Raja, I.A, Shaikh, A.B. (2019) Digitalised Ethnic Press and the Representations of British Muslims in the Wake of the 7/7 Bombings: A Case Study of Passion Islam in Yu, S and Matsaganis, M. (eds) Ethnic Media in the Digital Age. Abingdon, Routledge

Unpublished Works 

Shaikh, A.B. (2011) Medieval and Modern Concepts of Creation in Judaism, Christianity and Islam with reference to the tenets of faith, PhD Thesis University of Leeds 

Articles in Journals 

Science and Religion at the Crossroads:Conflict and Conciliation. In Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Research on Religion and Science, vol.1, issue, 9, July 2011, pp.43-61   http://mail.jirrs.org/jirrs_nr_9/07-01-jirrs9-shaikh.pdf 

Raja, I, Shaikh, A,B. 5 Pillars coverage of the Manchester terror attacks (forthcoming 2018)

Book Reviews

Oriental Neighbours:Middle Eastern Jews and Arabs in Mandatory Palestine. In Journal of Modern Jewish Studies (Forthcoming 2019). 

Jews, Christians and Muslims in Medieval and Early Modern Times: A Festschrft in Honor of Mark R. Cohen, In Journal of Modern Jewish Studies (March 2017) http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/BbAi3YEftzTuEnnZeQ7f/full

Other publications 

Are Muslim Organisations Fit for the 21st Century            

The Plight of New Muslim Reverts in the UK                    

The Return of the Age of the Pharaohs                              

The Face Coverings (Prohibition Bill) 2014  Passion Islam

The End of the Road for the EDL?

The Influence of the Biradari Caste System in the UK

Social Mobility and Its Impact on Muslims in the United Kingdom

The Disenfranchisement of the Muslim Youth

India Decides the Muslim Vote

The Future of Muslim Schools in the UK

Conferences and Talks

Islam and the Challenges Facing Muslims Summer Series Lifelong Learning Centre University of Leeds 2017 

The Islamic Caliphate in a Historical Context Understanding Islam UK (UKUI) Halifax August 2016 

The Evolution of the  Islamic State Summer Series Lifelong Learning Centre University of Leeds 2016

Islamophobia and Muslim Communities in the UK UKUI Halifax May 2016 

The Islamic Caliphate in a Historical Context Pakistan Kashmir Welfare Association (PKWA)  Batley March 2016 

Dialogue, Tolerance and Mutual Understanding in the Abrahamic Faiths UKUI Halifax January 2016

The Global Islamic Caliphate Explained Summer Series Lifelong Learning Centre University of Leeds 2015 

Islam: Beliefs, Practices and Traditions Summer Series Lifelong Learning Centre, University of Leeds June-July 2014

The Position of Muslim Women in the UK, South Gujarat University, Surat, Gujarat, Republic of India December 2013 (Invited)

The Role of Interfaith work in the United Kingdom, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh UP December 2013 (Invited

The Impact of Islamic Law on Modern Western Societies, University of Leeds November 2013

Islam and the Challenges of Modernity, Summer Series Lifelong Learning Centre  University of Leeds, 6th June-10th July 2013 

Confronting Islamphobia and Anti-Semitism: An exploration of their socio-historical and theological roots and similarities, Joseph Interfaith Foundation in conjunction with Leeds University Islamic Society, 28th November 2012.

AHRC/ESRC Workshop Religious symbols and discrimination, University of Liverpool, 25-26 May 2012

Dialogue, Tolerance and Mutual Understanding in Judeo-Christian and Islamic Traditions, Al-Hikmah Centre, Batley, November 2011.

The Qur'an Peace and Morality University of Leeds November 2003 

Other Academic activities

Reviewer for ReOrient: The Journal of Critical Muslim Studies

Administrative Roles

LLLC Ethics committee

LLLC Admissions committee 

Memberships of Organisations

 Fellow of Higher Education Academy (HEA)

Institute for Medieval Studies 


Quills Consultancy, Diversity and Engagement, Nuneaton, Warwickshire

WJEAC A Level Religious Studies Consultant 

Collaborative Partnerships

Part of the steering committee for the new AHRC-funded network 'Philosophy and Religious Practices' project, organised by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Liverpool, Department of Theology and Philosophy and Relgious Studies at  Liverpool Hope University and the  Department of Religious Studies at the University of Chester

Further Information

Invited by British High Commission (BHC) New Delhi India to be part of British Muslim delegation that toured Muslim institutions and universities in Surat, Vadodhara, Gujarat, New Delhi and Aligarh UP, 7th-17th December 2013.

Invited by UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)  'Projecting British Muslims' delegation visit to India. The delegation visited Kerala, Deoband and New Delhi, 13th to 17th February 2012 

Media Interaction

 ITV Yorkshire Calendar 'Proposed Religious Islamic Council in the United Kingdom' 


Regular columnist for LaRazon newspaper  Madrid Spain

France24 English The Battle for Mosul: Destruction of the Al-Nuri mosque 22nd June 2017 


The Idea of the Caliphate  LinkFM Sheffield April 2017 

 The Importance of Education in Islam IQRA TV January 2016

Al Husayn Ibn Ali Ahlulbayt TV September 2015 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw-tnPHl3ys

France 24 Palmyra Destruction of Baalshamin Temple 24th August 2015 

France 24 'Syria UNESCO Palmyra world heritage site under ISIS threat' 15th May 2015 

Un ejemplo para los Arabes, La Razon Internacional 30th March 2015

Interview with Sky Sports 'Cricket in the Community' Mount Cricket Club 5th May 2013 

BBC Asian Network radio interview' Twenty years on from the Gujarat Riots 'February 2012

 Scholars from Britain interact with Students, The Hindu, 14th February 2012

'British Muslims in state to study communal harmony, Times of India edition, 14th February 2012