Dr Bethan Davies

Dr Bethan Davies

Lecturer in Linguistics

Summary: Pragmatics; discourse analysis; language and power; politeness and impoliteness


Interests in language and power (particularly identity, gender and discourses of 'safety' in official literature); politeness and impoliteness, including cross-cultural approaches; pragmatics, particularly Grice and H.H. Clark. Bethan is happy to consider applications for postgraduate research in any of these areas.

Bethan currently has a number of ongoing research projects. These include work on politeness in e-mails (with Andrew Merrison, York St. John University), the discourse of transport issues (e.g. how different road users are represented in The Highway Code) and metadiscourses of racist language (particularly whether particular language is categorised as 'racist' or not, and the justifications given for this). Bethan has recently published research papers in the Journal of Sociolinguistics, the Journal of Politeness Research, Pragmatics and the Journal of Pragmatics.

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