Lourdes  Parra

Lourdes Parra

Doctoral Researcher and Education Outreach Fellow

Summary: Latin American travel writers, and more broadly feminist and cultural analysis in Latin American literature.

Location: Michael Sadler Building, University of Leeds

Teaching Commitments: Advice and feedback hours: Wednesday 12-1 pm (teaching weeks only). Please email me to arrange alternative appointment.


Current research interests 

Transcultural performativities in travel writing by Mexican women writers (PhD Research)

Supervisors: Dr Thea Pitman and Professor Richard Cleminson

My PhD research analyses transcultural performativities in the travelling discourse of Mexican women writers. I aim to work on a theoretical model that allows me to identify traditional, tactical and subversive aspects of these women’s writings related to topics such as nation, art, politics, and religion. I also propose a new reading of various discourses that have not been studied in travel literature due to typologies that have left aside cultural aspects. My thesis includes comparative studies with diverse writers such as Rosario Castellanos, Elena Garro, María Luisa Puga and Margo Glantz.

Women's Paths: Rewriting Physical and Discursive Borders

Whilst completing my thesis, I co-founded and am co-directing Women's Paths: Rewriting Physical and Discursive Borders, a research group about women's writing around the world, which are studied from a literary, cultural, sociological, feminist and queer perspective. I chair discussions in the reading group and organise seminars where PhD students and scholars present their current research, which is then followed by critical discussions. Some of the topics that have been discussed in this research group are maternities, postcolonial cities, bodies, communism, travel writing, race, and violence.Therefore to cover these themes, we look at a wide range of writers including Mariama Bâ (Senegal), Buchi Emecheta (Nigeria), Slavenka Drakulic (Croatia), Gioconda Belli (Nicaragua), Elena Ferrante (Italy), Toni Morrison (US) as well as many others. This project has been awarded by the sponsorship of the Leeds Humanities Research Institute and the Faculty of Arts.

Teaching Commitments

SPPO1160. Introduction to the Cultural Production of Spain and Spanish America

SPPO2430. Modern Spanish-American Literature

MODL1150. Worlds of Literature

MODL1800. Introduction to Film Studies II

MODL5042M. Interpreting Skills: Spanish 

Education Outreach Fellow for Spanish

MODL1100. Politics, Culture and Society (15-16)

MexSoc Leeds. Spanish Language and Culture Workshops.


Articles and book chapters

"Foreign Traveller's Accounts and Fanny Calderón de la Barca's Life in Mexico (TBP). In Oxford Research Encyclopedia in Latin American History. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

"Discurso de viaje de una mexicana finisecular: Laura Méndez de Cuenca". Mitologías hoy 13 (2016), p. 25-38, doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.5565/rev/mitologias.314.

"Rosario Castellanos, entre Israel y México". Bulletin of Hispanic Studies (Article accepted, TBP).

"Esther Seligson, más allá de las raíces" in  Mexican Transnational Cinema and Literature. Castro Ricalde, Marycruz, Mauricio Calderón Díaz and James Ramey, ed. (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2018).

Book reviews

Ferrúz, Beatriz; Del Pozo, Alba (coords.), Mosaico transatlántico. Escritoras, artistas e imaginarios (España-EE.UU., 1830-1940) (Universidad de València/PUV: Valencia, 2015) in Dicenda. Cuadernos de Filología Hispánicahttp://revistas.ucm.es/index.php/DICE

Invited speaker 

"Las lenguas en los viajes transatlánticos de escritoras judeo-mexicanas" (11 Dec 2017),  IV Jornadas Transatlánticas, University of Granada/Proyecto Transatlántico Brown University.

"Judeo-Spanish in Mexican Travel Writing" (26 April 2017), CHIA Postgraduate Research Showcase Seminar, University of Leeds, UK.

"Los animales junto a Elena Garro" (21 April 2017), videoconference to undergraduate students in literature from the University of Monterrey, Mexico.

"Lo fantástico en la prosa breve de Elena Garro" (10-12 Dec 2016). Colloque International: Le genre fantastique: unité o pluralité? at Université Paris-Sorbonne, France.

"E/motions in Mexican Jews Writers"  (11 Nov 2016). Symposium Emotions and Ethics in Contemporary Women's Travel Writing at Senate House (Centre for Study of Contemporary Women's Writing), University of London, UK.

"How is the Atlantic World Approached in Historical Research?. A Roundtable Discussion" (4 May 2016), Ideas and Identities in the Atlantic World Research Group, University of Leeds, UK.

Conference Papers 

"Elena Garro y los perros" (2-4 March 2017). XXII Congreso de Literatura Mexicana Contemporánea at University of Texas at El Paso.

"Becomings in Elena Garro" (4-5 Nov 2016). Women in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies Annual Conference at University of Stirling, Scotland. 

"El viaje por la lengua de Moscona" (4-6 July 2016). Colloque International: Voyages, exils et migrations dans la littérature latino-américaine: 15 ans d'écritures migrantes en version espagnole at Université Bordeaux in Montaigne, France. 

"Woolf's Heritage in Mexican literature" (16-19 June 2016). Virginia Woolf and Heritage: The 26th Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf at Leeds Trinity University in Leeds, UK.

"Dogs and Women Mexican Writers" (16-17 June 2016). Symposium Eco-Criticism in Times of Crisis: Nature, Capital and Culture in the Hispanic and Lusophone Worlds at University of Leeds, UK.

"Tactics in the Transnational Discourse of Esther Seligson: Beyond the Jewish and the Mexican" (17-20 March 2016). The American Comparative Literature Association's 2016 Annual Meeting at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts.

"Castellanos and Puga: Two Mexican Travellers" (4-6 April 2016). Conference of the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland at Northumbria University in Newcastle, UK.

"Apropiaciones de Woolf en escritoras de América Latina" (12-13 Nov 2015). Conference of the Latin American Literary Studies Association at York St John University in York, UK.

"Las transformaciones del hipertexto en las novelas a través de Internet" (4-5 May 2011). XXXIII Encuentro Nacional de la Asociación Mexicana para la Investigación en Comunicación in Hidalgo, Mexico.

MA Dissertations

"Europe as translation: The notion of discrepant travel in Roberto Bolaño's short stories". University of Groningen, The Netherlands and University of Göttingen, Germany (2014). 

"Las transformaciones del hipertexto de ficción a través de Internet". National Autonomous University of Mexico (2012). Distinction.

Grants and Awards

LCS PGR Experience Fund, 2016/17, University of Leeds (June 2017), with Jesús Sanjurjo.

LCS PGR Public Engagement Fund, 2016/17, University of Leeds (June 2017), with Jesús Sanjurjo. 

Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland (AHGBI), PGR Conference grant 2017

Women in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies (WISPS), PGR bursary for Anual Conference 2016.

Faculty of Arts Researcher Mobility, University of Leeds (January 2016).

Leeds Humanities Research Institute, Sponsorship for Research Project Women Paths: Rewriting Physical and Discursive Borders. (2015-Current).

Supplementary Scholarship from SEP-Mexico for PhD Studies (2015-2017).

Scholarship from The National Council of Science and Technology (CONACyT-Mexico) for Master's (2010-2012) and PhD Studies (2014-Current).

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship by the European Commission for Master's degree (2012-2014). 



Research group Women's paths, Co-Director (2015-Current).

Postgraduates in Latin American Studies (PILAS), President (2016-2017).

Institute of Latin American Studies at the School of Advanced Study, University of London, Advisory Council (2016-2017)

Mexican Association in Leeds, Secretary (2015-2016). 

Academic associations and Research Centres

Society for Latin American Studies (SLAS), committee member. 

Latin American Studies Association (LASA), member.

Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland (AHGBI), member.

Women in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies (WISPS), member.

Erasmus Mundus Association, member.

Centre for World Literatures, member.

Network for Hispanic and Lusophone Cultural Studies (NHLCS), member.  

The Centre for the History of Ibero-America (CHIA), member.


PILAS Annual Conference 2017 (26-27 June 2016). University of Leeds, UK. Co-organiser.

PILAS at the British Library (23 January 2017). "Round-table discussion with the Latin American writers Chloe Aridjis and Carlos Fonseca Suárez". London, UK Co-organiser.

International Symposium organiser. "A Room of Her Own: Writing Women's Independence around the Globe" (20 May 2016). Research group event sponsored by the Leeds Humanities Research Institute. Leeds, UK.

“La ficción en las redes sociales” (2012) Presenter on the program Tiempo de análisis on Radio UNAM, México.


Blog: https://louparrablog.wordpress.com/

Academia.edu: https://leeds.academia.edu/LourdesParraLazcano

Mail: mllpl@leeds.ac.uk