Dr  Diane Nelson

Dr Diane Nelson

Senior Lecturer in Linguistics

Summary: Syntax, especially the syntax-morphology interface; syntactic language impairments; language evolution; endangered languages; Uralic languages

Teaching Commitments: I teach the following modules: Syntactic Theory (Level 3); The Life Cycle of Languages (Level 2/3); Foundations of Syntax (MA); Research Methods (MA).


Interests in theoretical syntax (particularly the syntax-morphology interface and individual variation in syntactic competence); animacy; case; language evolution; endangered languages; syntactic language impairment; Uralic languages; Turkish. Diane is happy to consider applications for postgraduate research in any of these areas.

Diane is involved in several ongoing collaborative research projects. These include work on Uralic syntax, including Finnish, Saami and Meadow Mari as part of the Uralic Syntax project; projects with Virve Vihman of the University of Tartu looking at the relationship between animacy, language and cognition in children's narratives and emergent grammars; projects with Vesna Stojanovik of Reading University to investigate the syntax of children with William's Syndrome and standardised testing for grammar in individuals with language impairments; and work with Melinda Whong on a study investigating factors conditioning individual variation in L1 syntactic competence and performance. She is also a member of the Kartvelian study group at Leeds.

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