Roya Alimalayeri

Roya Alimalayeri

Teaching Assistant in Linguistics and English for Academic Purposes

Summary: Theoretical and experimental linguistics; English language teaching

Location: Michael Sadler Building


Teaching background

I commenced teaching English as a Foreign Language in 2003 and I have been teaching on the following undergraduate first year Linguistics and Phonetics modules since September 2013:

  • MODL1060 Language: Structure and Sound (Phonetics and Phonology, Morphology, and Syntax)
  • LING1100 Language: Meaning and Use (Language acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Pragmatics, and Sociolinguistics)

I have also taught on the English for Academic Purposes programmes for postgraduate studies, at the Language Center.


  • MA in Linguistics and English Language Teaching (Leeds)
  • BA in Translation Studies (Esfahan, Iran)