Dr Ahmed Elgindy

Teaching Fellow of Arabic

0113 343 9116

Summary: Translation of Islamic political discourse; Sociology of translation; Arabic as a foreign language

Location: Michael Sadler, 4.04a

Teaching Commitments: Arab 2007 Arab 2010/2011 Arab 3100 Arab 3020


I received my doctorate in translation studies in 2013. I have since been lecturing in translation studies and Arabic as a foreign language at the University of Salford. I joined the University of Leeds in September 2015 as a teaching fellow in Arabic. My research interests are mainly in the field of Translation & Interpreting Studies where I have few publications. The application of Pierre Bourdieu’s sociological model in/on translation in general and on the translations of Islamic Political Discourse in particular is the focus of my research. I am currently doing some research on ‘Remote Interpreting’ which is one of the recent trends in the field of interpreting studies. I am also interested in Arabic language pedagogy, and methods of teaching Arabic as a foreign language.


The Reality of Arabic Fiction Translation into English: A Sociological Approach. International Journal of Society, Culture & Language, 2(2), 2014.

Islam Lives Accused in the West Ever Since: A Sociological Reading to the Genesis of Translating Islam into English. Paper presented in the ‘Cultural Politics of Translation International Conference’ in Cairo, October 2015 (under publication).

Work in progress

•   Multiplicity of Equivalence: A practical complexity of translating medical terms from English to Arabic.

•   Non-Equivalence: The Problems of English to Arabic Translation of Military Terminology.

•   The Delimitation of the Boundaries of the Code of Ethics in PSI.

•   Subtitling as a Medium for Interpreter Training.