Professor El Mustapha Lahlali

Professor El Mustapha Lahlali

+44 (0)113 343 3427

Summary: Arab media and society; discourse analysis, classroom interaction and pedagogy; English and Arabic stylistics; Critical Discourse Analysis and media texts; political discourse


Research Interests

  • Arab Media and Society 
  • Discourse analysis, classroom interaction and pedagogy 
  • English and Arabic stylistics 
  • Critical Discourse Analysis and Media texts 
  • Media discourse; Media and politics 
  • Arabic linguistics; Semantics 
  • Education in the Arab world.
  • Political discourse, culture and society
  • Translation, Translators and Ideology
  • Learning and teaching of Arabic As a foreign language

Taught Courses 

Postgraduate (MA):

  • ARAB 5009 - Modern Arab Media.

Undergraduate (BA):

  1. MODL 1401 - Discourse, Culture and Identity
  2. ARAB 2880 - Contemporary Arabic Media  
  3. ARAB 3888 - Advanced Media Arabic: Translation Skills in Text Typology 



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Selected Articles/chapters:

Lahlali, M. (2014). 'The Discourse of Egyptian Slogans: from 'Long Live Sir' to 'Down with the Dictator'. Journal of Arab Media and Society. Issue 19, Fall 2014.

Zammit, M. and Lahlali, E. M. (2013). 'The Letters of the Moorish Slaves in Sixteenth-Century Malta: Transcription, translation and a linguistic analysis'. D. A. Agius (ed.). Georgio Scala and the Moorich Slaves: the Inquisition - Malta1598. Malta: Midsea Books.

Lahlali, M., and Agius, D. (2013). 'Writing Private Letters: Breaking with Islamic and Literary Arabic Traditions'. D. A. Agius (ed.). Georgio Scala and the Moorich Slaves: the Inquisition - Malta1598. Malta: Midsea Books. 

Lahlali, M. (2012). 'Repetition and Ideology in Political Speeches'.  Journal of Arab Media and Society. Issue 15.

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Selected book reviews

Why Are the Arabs Not Free? — The Politics of Writing, Moustapha Safouan, Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2007, in Journal of Discourse and Society, March 2010, Vol 21 (2).

The Al Jazeera Phenomenon: Critical Perspectives on New Arab Media, Edited by Mohamed Zayani, Pluto Press, 2005, in British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 34 (2).

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Linguistics and Cultural Studies on Arabic and Hebrew: Essays Presented to Moshe Piamenta for His Eightieth Birthday. Edited by Rosenhouse & Ami Elad-Bouskila, Wiesbaden Harrassowitz, 2001, in British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 30 (2), 265-266.

Training & Supervision of Research students:  

I'm currently supervising students in the field of Arabic media; Translation and Media; Media, translation and conflicts; ideology and media; Discourse analysis and Arabic literature; Discourse analysis and religious texts; Translation and political discourse; Teaching methods and pedagogy; Critical discourse analysis and narrative theory; Critical discourse analysis and political speeches

Other Information

Selected Presentations at Conferences and Workshops:

‘Writing to impress: a step-by-step guide to writing an academic essay’, University of Leeds, November 2014

‘Doing it better: Personal and Academic Tutoring’, University of Leeds, May 2014 

‘Enhancing Quality Assurance in Teaching and Assessing Arabic Skills’, keynote lectures, March/April 2014 in Bahrain.

‘Designing and Reviewing Exam Papers’, Cambridge University, July 2013.

‘Academic Writing and Plagiarism’, University of Leeds, November 2013.

‘Islamic Studies and Higher Education: Arabic Experts’ seminar’, Lancaster University, November 2013.

‘Quality Assurance: Designing Arabic Exam Papers’, training workshop for Bahraini Senior Teachers, December 2012 in Bahrain.

‘Quality Assurance: Designing Exam Papers’, keynote speaker, December 2012 in Bahrain.

'Russia and Globalization: The Arab Spring, Russia and the coverage of Arab media', presented at Russia(n) in the Global Context Workshop, March 2012, University of Leeds 

‘E. Government Services Delivery in Kuwait: Problems and Challenges’, presented at the 2011 BRISMES Conference in the University of Exeter.

‘Arab Media: Discourse and Representation of the 2006 Hezbollah-Israeli Conflict’, presented at WOCMES 2010 in Barcelona, Spain.

‘The New Media in the Arab World’, presented at the Influence Week Conference, organised by the UK Defence Academy, 9 March 2010.  

‘Learning and Teaching in the Arabic and British Contexts’, 2010, Language Centre, University of Leeds

'Middle Eastern Media:  Strategies and Practices', presented at the Influence Week Conference, organised by the UK Defence Academy, 24 February 2009. 

‘Students and Teachers’ Perception of Learning and Teaching at Leeds’, 2009, Language Centre, University of Leeds.

Attended the 4th International Conference (2009) organized by the Association of Professors of English and Translation at Arab Universities (APETAU)

‘Recruitment and Retention: Ab initio Languages’, presented at a Workshop on Recruitment and Retention at Leeds (2008) 

‘I am the Slave of the Ghurāb: Muslim Galley Slaves of 1598: the Knights and the Saracens’, presented at Union Européenne des Arabisants et Islamisants – Sassari, Sardinia – Italy Twenty-third Congress (28 September - 2 October 2006)

‘Arabic Language and Culture’, presented at Languages for Life Conference at All Saints RC School & Millthorpe School (25 November, 2005)

‘A Taster in Arabic Language’, presented at Languages for Life Conference at All Saints RC School & Millthorpe School (21 November, 2003) 

‘The Social Significance of the Questioning Process within Moroccan Classrooms’, presented at the European Sociolinguistics Symposium, University of Gent, Belgium (4 - 8 April, 2002) 

‘Classroom Discursive Practices: Critical Discourse Analysis in Action’, presented at the 28th International Systemic Functional Congress, Carleton University, Canada ( 21 - 27 July, 2001)

‘The Impact of the Social and Cultural Practice on the Classroom Practice’, presented at Text and Talk International Conference at the University of Gent, Belgium (14 - 18 August, 2000)

Organisation of Conferences/Workshops

The following are some of the workshops I have organised: 

'Teaching Languages and Cultures in Context', May 2017 

'Assessment and Teaching of Speaking Skills', December 2014

'Academic writing Workshop', November 2014

'Teaching Enhancement workshop', November 2014 

‘Doing it better: Personal and Academic Tutoring’, May 2014 

‘Writing to impress: a Step-by-Step Guide to Writing an Academic Essay’,  November 2013

‘Creative Assessment and Teaching Enhancement’, December 2012

‘Language Teaching and Scholarship: Disseminating Good Practice’, June 2012

‘Autonomous Learning: Increasing Proficiency Through Self-directed Learning’, March 2012

‘Engaging Students through Innovative Language Teaching Methods’, December 2011

‘Enhancing Learning through Effective Feedback’, November 2011

‘Sharing Good Practices in Language Teaching’, June 2011 

‘Teaching Small Groups: Strategies and Practices, September 2011

Organised BRISMES conference (with colleagues in AMES), June 2008.