Mrs Natasha  Bogoslavskaya

Mrs Natasha Bogoslavskaya

Lecturer in Russian

+44 (0)113 343 3295

Summary: Development of language teaching programmes, video materials and automated tools for teaching

Teaching Commitments: 33295


I was born in Khar'kiv, the second largest city in Ukraine. Everybody in my family spoke Russian, so Russian, rather than Ukrainian, is my mother tongue. I graduated in English at Khar'kiv State University in 1976.

Courses on the history of the Soviet Communist Party, scientific communism, scientific atheism, Marxist ethics and the like all formed an integral part of a typical Soviet education, and in my case were counterbalanced by a profoundly sceptical upbringing at home. I am eternally grateful for this contrast, as it gave me a much more varied perspective on life than I might have had.

Teaching and work experience

  • 1976-77 taught English in a Ukrainian school in Zolochiv
  • 1977-79 taught Russian at the Berlitz School in London
  • 1979-80 taught English in a secondary school in Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 1980-81 back in Khar'kiv with my newborn daughter, doing some private English teaching
  • 1981-1985 taught Russian in London: at Camden School for Girls, and Queen Mary College (University of London)

Since 1985 I have been teaching Russian at Leeds. I also act as a consultant, translator and interpreter for the BBC, Channel 4 and YTV.

Current teaching

  • Level 2 Core Russian
  • Level 2 Applied Russian (Translation)
  • Level 3 Core Russia
  • Level 3 Applied Russian (Translation)


  • co-ordinating the Russian language programme
  • overseeing arrangements for the Year Abroad
  • liaison with alumni

Professional interests

  • the development of language teaching programmes
  • the development of on-line exercises and tests for students of Russian
  • the development of assessment methods for students of Russian
  • the creation of video materials for language teaching
  • the development of automated tools enabling language teachers to find authentic Russian texts on the World Wide Web, classify them by level
    of difficulty and produce up-to-date and appropriate reading materials for their students
  • the use of electronic resources in language learning and teaching

Completed projects

  • 1996 - Link established with the Centre for International Education (CIE) of Moscow State University and Russian State TV, with a view to producing jointly a video course for intermediate students of Russian. The first outcome of this was that Leeds University acquired the UK licence to distribute a video journal, Kontakt. Our customers included not only the expected schools, colleges and universities, but also such agencies as Powys County Council, GCHQ, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  • Inspired by the success of this preliminary joint project, we then secured a grant to start on the original idea, which became the video course V Moskvu? V Moskvu! (To Moscow? To Moscow!) All the materials for the course (on the market since 2000 and available worldwide) are in Russian; it is used not only in the UK and Russia, but also in North America, other countries of continental Europe, Japan, and elsewhere. The proceeds from sales of the course are used to expand the collaboration between Russian at Leeds and the CIE in Moscow.
  • 1996 to present. Another positive and very successful outcome of the Leeds-Moscow partnership is that for over a dozen years we have been sending all our students to the CIE for their Russian Year Abroad.

Current projects

  • Our partnership also embraces joint teaching programmes, and the joint production of teaching materials for use in both institutions and elsewhere. With my help, other departments in Leeds University are becoming involved in teaching and research projects with the CIE and other Moscow partners
  • Developing on-line language testing
  • Taking part in an application for a grant to develop graded readers
  • New joint language programmes with the CIE