Dr Thea Pitman

Dr Thea Pitman

Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies

+44 (0)113 343 3521

Summary: Contemporary Latin American cultural production, especially online, and more broadly digital, works, as well as more traditional works of literature & film. Questions of race, ethnicity and gender.

Location: 2.34 Michael Sadler Building

Teaching Commitments: See below.


Teaching and administrative duties (2016-17)

  • Director, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
  • Director, Centre for Hispanic and Lusophone Cultural Studies
  • Member, Centre for World Cinemas and Digital Cultures
  • Multimedia, Multimodal and International Communication - MODL2080
  • Skills and Issues in Intercultural Studs - MODL5012M
  • Specialised Spanish-English Translation B - MODL5129M
  • World Literatures - MODL1150

Availability (2016-17)

Advice and feedback hours: Thursday 11-12pm (teaching weeks only).

Please email me to arrange alternative appointment if you can't make this time or outside of teaching weeks.

Postgraduate research supervision

  • Latin American digital cultures / new media / cyberculture
  • Latin American literature, particularly travel writing
  • Latin American cinema, popular cultural production and cultural history, particularly re materials of Mexican and Chicana/o origin.
  • Race, ethnicity and gender in Latin American cultural production.

Research students

  • Juan José Rodríguez Santamaría, PhD, contemporary Ecuadorean and Uruguayan poetry, Oct 2015-(Sept 2018).
  • Lourdes Parra Lazcano, PhD, transcultural performativities in travel writing by Mexican women writers, Oct 2014-(Dec 2017).
  • Catherine Morgans, MAR, the use of the internet by new social movments in Brazil, Oct 2013-Sept 2014.
  • Theresa Bean, MAR, Hip-hop as a new social movement in Medellín, Colombia, Oct 2013-Sept 2014.
  • Diana Battaglia, PhD, the representation of cultural identity in the crime fiction of Cuban writer Leonardo Padura Fuentes, Oct 2010-Feb 2016.
  • Katie Machin, MA by Research, representations of alternative female sexuality in early 20th century Spanish narrative, Oct 2011-Sept 2012.
  • Laura Rodríguez Icaza, PhD, the marketing of Latin American cinema and the role of film festivals, Oct 2008-Sept 2012.
  • Kristina Plà Fernàndez, MA by Research, on key novel by Chicano writer Miguel Méndez, Oct 2008-Sept 2009.

Current research interests

Contemporary Latin American cultural production, especially online, and more broadly digital, works: tactical media, blogs, hypertext/media narrative, social media, indigenous new media, internet ethnography. Research interests also cover more traditional works of literature, especially travel writing, and film, as well as popular cultural forms, with a particular interest in materials of Mexican and Chicana/o origin, and in questions of race, ethnicity and gender.

For more information about current projects see the Digital Latin American Cultures Network on Wordpress, Facebook and Twitter (@latamcyber).


Single/co-authored monographs

  • Latin American Identity in Online Cultural Production (New York: Routledge, 2013), with Claire Taylor. Reviewed by Hilda Chacón, Revista de Estudios Hispánicos, 49:1 (2015), 217-20: ‘This is a sine qua non reading for scholars interested in e-literatures and digital art forms in contemporary Latin America.’
  • Mexican Travel Writing (Oxford: Lang, 2008).

Edited anthologies

  • Latin American Cyberculture and Cyberliterature (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press (2007), with Claire Taylor. Available through Liverpool Scholarship Online.

Editorship of special issues of journals

  • Double special issue of Journal of Transatlantic Studies, dedicated to ‘New Transatlanticisms’, 7:3 (summer 2009), with Andy Stafford.
  • Double special issue of Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies, dedicated to ‘Latin American Women Writers, Then and Now’, 14:2/3, Aug-Dec 2008.

Journal articles

  • ‘Viajeras mexicanas en la España republicana y el discurso de la fraternidad: Blanca Lydia Trejo y Elena Garro’, Lejana: Revista Crítica de Narrativa Breve, 5, available online at: http://lejana.elte.hu/PDF_5_viaje/Thea_%20Pitman.pdf (2013).
  • ‘Allison Anders and the “Racial ‘Authenticity’ Membership Test”: Keeping Mi vida loca/My Crazy Life (1994) on the Borders of Chicano Cinema’, iMex (online journal), 2 (July 2012), special issue dedicated to Chicano cinema. Available at: http://www.imex-revista.com/imex-revista-ediciones/segunda/pitman.html.
  • ‘Policing the Borders of Chicana/o Cinema: The Critical Reception of Allison Anders’s Mi vida loca / My Crazy Life (1994) by the Chicana/o Community’, New Cinemas, 8:2, 71-86 (2010).
  • El arraigo de la cibercultura: un análisis comparativo de las obras hipertextuales de Doménico Chiappe y Blas Valdez’, Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies, special section dedicated to ‘Literatura latinoamericana y española en la era digital (nuevas tecnologías y lo literario) / Latin American and Spanish Literatures in the Digital Age [New Technologies and the Literary]’, ed. by Scott Weintraub and Luis Correa-Díaz, 14: 217-32 (2010).
  • Postcolonial Compañeras? The Desire for a Reciprocal Gaze in Two Mexican Women’s Accounts of Africa’, in ‘New Transatlanticisms’, special issue of Journal of Transatlantic Studies, ed. by Thea Pitman and Andy Stafford, 7:3, 376-388 (2009).
  • 'Mexican Travel Writing: The Legacy of Foreign Travel Writers in Mexico, or Why Mexicans Say They Don't Write Travel Books', Comparative Critical Studies, 4:3, 209-23 (2007).
  • 'Identidad nacional y feminismo en el periodismo de mujeres: el caso de Elvira Vargas' Literatura Mexicana, 18:1, 133-45 (2007).
  • 'Hypertext in Context: Space and Time in Latin American Hypertext and Hypermedia Fictions', Dichtung Digital, 1/2007 (Nr. 36), guest edited by Astrid Ensslin and Alice Bell. Available online only:
  • 'En primera persona: Literary Evocations of Birth by Contemporary Spanish-American Women Writers', special issue dedicated to 'Cultures of Birth', Women: A Cultural Review, 17:3, 355-67 (2006).
  • 'Postmodernity, Post-Tourism and Postmodern Irony: Juan Villoro's Palmeras de la brisa rápida and the Possibility of a Postmodern Travel-Chronicle', Bulletin of Spanish Studies (formerly Bulletin of Hispanic Studies), 81:1, 77-97 (2004).
  • 'An Impossible Task: Héctor Perea's México: crónica en espiral and the Problems of Writing a Travel-Chronicle of Contemporary Mexico City', special issue on Latin American Travel Writing, ed. by Claire Lindsay and Tim Youngs, Studies in Travel Writing, 7:1, 47-62 (2003).
  • 'The Construction of National Identity in the Mexican Travel Chronicle, 1843-1893', Journeys: The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing, 2:1, 1-23 (2001).

Chapters in books

  • ‘Tricontinentalism in Cyberspace? Or, Latin America’s Contribution to Network Society’, in Resistance and Emancipation: Cultural and Poetic Practices, ed. by Arturo Casas and Ben Bollig, Oxford: Lang, 379-95 (2011).
  • 'Hypertext in Context: Space and Time in the Hypertext and Hypermedia Fictions of Blas Valdez and Doménico Chiappe', in Latin American Cyberculture and Cyberliterature, ed. by Claire Taylor and Thea Pitman, Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 225-41 (2007).
  • 'Latin American Cyberprotest: Before and After the Zapatistas', in Latin American Cyberculture and Cyberliterature, ed. by Claire Taylor and Thea Pitman, Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 85-109 (2007).

Invitations to speak

  • 21 May 2015, paper entitled ‘Você sabe quem inventou a Rede? Translating Indigeneity for Circulation Online’, Wider World History Network research seminar, University of Sheffield.
  • 19 April 2013, paper entitled ‘Hipertexto y biculturalidad en dos proyectos autobiográficos de artistas latinas: Lucia Grossberger Morales y Jacalyn Lopez Garcia’ given at Seminario Escrituras Plurales, La Sorbonne/Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
  • 25 Nov 2011, paper entitled ‘La identidad latinoamericana en línea’ given at II Encuentro Internacional de Publicaciones Digitales Culturales, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
  • 19 May 2011, paper entitled ‘Representations of Home in Chicana and Latina (Proto-)Net.art: The Work of Lucia Grossberger Morales and Jacalyn Lopez Garcia’ given at International Conference on Latin American Cybercultural Studies: Exploring New Paradigms and Analytical Approaches, University of Liverpool.
  • 11 Nov 2010, paper entitled ‘Fanny and Alexander: The Influence of European Literature on Nineteenth-century Mexican Travel Writing’ given at Nordic Latin American Research Network Conference, University of Copenhagen.
  • 7 May 2010, keynote speech (with Claire Taylor) entitled ‘Approaches to Latin American Cyberculture’ at ‘Exploring the Archive in the Digital Age’ conference, King’s College, London.
  • 30 April 2010, paper entitled ‘What’s Latin American About Latin American Hypermedia Narratives?’, given at ‘Hybrid Storyspaces: Redefining the Critical Enterprise in Twenty-First Century Hispanic Literature’, conference, Cornell University, USA.
  • 23 March 2010, paper entitled ‘Policing the Borders of Chicano Cinema: The Critical Reception of Allison Anders’s Mi vida loca / My Crazy Life (1994) by the Chicano Community’, given at Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen.