Mr. Kazuki Morimoto

Mr. Kazuki Morimoto

Associate Professor in Japanese

+44 (0)113 343 3561

Summary: I have been teaching Japanese to all year levels at the University of Leeds since 2005. I am also the Japanese Year Abroad Tutor and responsible for the pre-departure guidance & pastoral care in Japan

Location: Michael Sadler Building 4.19


1. Biography


Having taught Japanese in the United States for three years while completing the MA in teaching Japanese as a foreign language, I moved to the UK in 2000. From 2000 to 2005 I was a Japanese language instructor at the University of Durham and responsible for teaching upper-level Japanese language course, as well as a teaching methodology module for the MA Teaching Japanese as a Second Language.

Since I joined the East Asian Studies at the University of Leeds in 2005, I have been teaching Japanese to both undergraduate and postgraduate students across the levels. Currently, I am also the Japanese Year Abroad Tutor and responsible for the pre-departure guidance and pastoral care in Japan.


MA in Asian Civilization, TJFL (Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language), University of Iowa, USA

BA in Commerce, Doshisha University, Japan


Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching, accredited by the Higher Education Acadeny

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 


BATJ, The British Association for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language

AJE, The Association of Japanese Teachers in Europe

2. Areas of Expertise

  • Teaching Japanese as a foreign language
  • Foreign language education and teaching methodology
  • Writing instruction, feedback and assessment
  • English-Japanese Translation
  • Study Abroad in Japan

3. Publications

  • Morimoto, K. 2017. Nihongo chujokyu gakushusha ni yoru nichiei honyaku ni okeru collocation no shiyo (Use of Collocations in English-Japanese Translation made by Intermediate-Pre-Advanced Learners). BATJ Journal. 20, 27-31.

  • Oeda, Y. and Morimoto, K. 2016. Nihonjin Ryugakusei o majieta shochukyu nihongo kurasu deno peer learning no jissen (A Showcase of Peer Learning for Post-beginner Students with Japanese students). Japanese Language Education in Europe. 21, 352-357.
  • Morimoto, K. 2014. Nihongo gakushusha no daigaku deno gakushu keiken - mochibeshon no kanten kara (How do post-beginners feel about their experience of learning Japanese at a university - from a motivational point of view). Japanese Language Education in Europe19, 227-232.
  • Morimoto, K. 2014. Nihongo gakushusha no shoki gakushu dankai deno tsumazuki no Kokufuku (How can 'Early-Learning-Stage-Strugglers' of Japanese Catch Up?: From a perspective of learning strategies. BATJ Journal. 15, 20-27. 
  • Morimoto, K. 2004. Chukyu sakubun shido to sono hyoka (Teaching and Assessing Intermediate Writing). BATJ Journal. 5, 14-28.

4. Conference Presentations

  • August 2014, "How do post-beginners feel about their experience of learning Japanese at a university? ― from a motivational point of view", The 14th EAJS Conference at University of Ljubljana.
  • August 2013, "How can 'early-learning-stage strugglers' of Japanese catch up? ―from a perspective of learning strategies", The 16th BATJ Annual Conference at University of Nottingham. 
  • June 2013, "Case Study: Translation at Leeds University", BATJ Early Summer Conference - Translation in Japanese Language Teaching at University of Edinburgh.
  • September 2011, "Intermediate-advanced learners' speaking skills - Persuasiveness", The 14th BATJ Annual Conference at University of Oxford  (Joint presentation)

  • March 2011, Invited talk "The Japanese education in the UK: current situations and future tasks", International Workshop for Japanese Learners Corpus and Error Analysis" at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

  • September 2010, "Teaching translation into the second language via the Wiki tool of the Blackboard", Language for 21st Century: Training, Impact and Influence by the Higher Education Academy at University of Sheffield

  • September 2010, "The use of grammar and vocabulary in English-Japanese translations and Japanese compositions written by intermediate-advanced learners", The 13th BATJ Annual Conference at University of Reading

  • January 2009, "What can we learn from the training programme for teachers of Japanese in Europe (Alsace Study Programme in July 2008)? ", The BATJ Workshop at The Japan Foundation London Language Centre

  • March 2007, "Japan: Society, History and Culture", Japanese Culture Workshop at Trinity & All Saints in Leeds

  • September 2005, "Learner's response to teacher's explicit and less explicit written feedback on their compositions", The 8th BATJ Annual Conference at Cardiff University

  • September 2003, "Teaching Intermediate Writing", The 6th BATJ Annual Conference at SOAS, University of London

  • September 2002, "Advanced Writing: Project essay", The 5th BATJ Annual Conference at University of Manchester

  • January 2001, "Advanced Writing", BATJ Workshop at University of Durham

5. Teaching Modules

  • EAST1210/EAST5130M & EAST1220/EAST5135M Basic Japanese Language (1) & (2)
  • EAST2300/EAST5245M Intermediate Japanese (1) (Module Convenor)
  • EAST2305/EAST5242M Intermediate Japanese (2) 
  • EAST2212/EAST2213/EAST5230M  Japanese 2A/2C: Written Communication Skills
  • EAST2222/EAST2223/EAST5235M Japanese 2B/2D: Spoken Communication Skills (Module Convenor)
  • EAST3285 Japanese 3: Advanced Communication Skills (Module Convenor)
  • EAST3850/EAST5385M Advanced Japanese in Translation