Henry Clarke

Henry Clarke

Teaching Fellow in Roman History and Culture; Study Abroad & Work Placement Year Coordinator

+44 (0)113 343 3541

Summary: Roman History and Archaeology; Iron Age to Roman Spain and Portugal; Identity, Cultural Change and Landscape Studies; Roman Historiography; Latin; Ancient Greek; Historical Receptions; Ancient Rowing

Location: Michael Sadler Building 1.49

Teaching Commitments: CLAS1400 Roman World; CLAS1910 Beginners Latin; CLAS2800 Evidence and Enquiry in Classics; CLAS2900 Ancient Empires; CLAS3200 Major Research Project; CLAS5500M Principles and Practices of Research in Classics; CLAS5700M Using the Past



My current research project concentrates on a landscape-based study of local identity and cultural change in the Durius valley in Roman Spain and Portugal (the modern Duero/Douro river). The project formulates an analytical model that draws upon the strengths of previous scholarship on Romanisation and intercultural change in the ancient world, identity theory, landscape archaeology, and the relationship between human society and environment. I have been exploring several case-study areas along the Durius valley, drawing on archaeological, literary and epigraphic evidence of the lives of the various social groups active in the valley before and during the establishment of Roman power in the Iberian Peninsula, from approximately the 2nd century BC to the 2nd century AD.

The project revolves around the cultural discourse of the communities and individuals who lived and interacted within the framework of the Roman Empire in the Durius valley. I aim to exemplify the effects of empire as a medium for exchange on the heterogeneous expressions of cultural identity and on relationships with the landscape within the Durius valley. I intend to achieve a more nuanced understanding of the detailed social structures and interactions at work in this clearly-defined region, and to demonstrate the potential of combining scholarly approaches which are not always deployed collectively.

My PhD was funded by a University of Leeds Research Scholarship, and was supervised by Dr Penelope Goodman.


I am involved in the teaching and assessment of Roman History and Culture at all levels of the undergraduate curriculum. I likewise contribute to the teaching and assessment of the Classics Masters by Research (MRes) programme. One of my primary responsibilities is the development of teaching materials and learning activities for the teaching of Roman History at all levels of the undergraduate and masters programmes.

My undergraduate teaching commitments in the 2017-18 academic year include:

  • CLAS 3200 Major Research Project (Undergraduate Dissertations)
  • CLAS 2900 Ancient Empires: Power and Control
  • CLAS 2800 Evidence and Enquiry in Classics (Module Leader)
  • CLAS 1910 Beginners Latin
  • CLAS 1400 The Roman World: An Introduction (Module Leader)

I will also be involved in teaching the following MRes modules:

  • CLAS 5700M Using the Past
  • CLAS 5600M Researching the Ancient World: Literature, History and Culture
  • CLAS 5500M Principles and Practices of Research in Classics

In previous academic years, I have been involved in the teaching of the following Classics modules:

  • CLAS 5120M MRes Dissertation (2016-17)
  • CLAS 5300M Classical Commentary: Latin Prose (2016-17)
  • CLAS 1650 Introduction to Classical Archaeology (2014-15)
  • CLAS 1620 Latin Literature: Republic and Empire (2013-2015)
  • CLAS 1400 The Roman World: An Introduction (2013-2016)
  • CLAS 1300 The Greek World: An Introduction (2011-12, 2014-16)

Administrative Roles:

  • Social Media Coordinator for Classics (Classics at Leeds on Twitter and Facebook)
  • Study Abroad / Erasmus Exchange coordinator for Classics
  • Year in Industry / Work Placement Year Coordinator for Classics

I am happy to be contacted about my teaching, research and other related activities on the email address above, or via my LinkedIn and Academia.edu profiles. I can also be found on Twitter @henryhbclarke.