Dr Judith Nordby

Lecturer in Mongolian Language and Contemporary Affairs

Summary: Contemporary Mongolian affairs; history and culture of the Mongols from the Middle Ages to the present; Mongolian language

About Dr Judith Nordby

Dr Nordby specialises in Mongolian language, history, and contemporary affairs.  She has published widely on the contemporary scene in Mongolia.

Key Publications and Activities


Mongolia. Oxford: Clio Press, 1993. World Bibliographical Series Vol 156.

Journal Articles and Papers

Articles on Mongolia's contemporary politics and economics to the Economist Intelligence Unit from 1993-2006.


  • Risk assessments on Mongolia; briefings for diplomats to Mongolia.
  • Briefings on Mongolia for diplomats and parliamentarians.

Conferences Presentations

  • Keynote speaker for a trade and development seminar in Mongolia, Brussels, 1995.
  • Keynote speaker at a conference marking 40 years of Mongol-British relations, 2003.


Member of the Mongol-British Round Table since 1987.



  • EAST1410 Basic Mongol Language 1
  • EAST1411 Mongol Language 1A
  • EAST1420 Basic Mongol Language 2
  • EAST1421 Mongol Language 1B
  • EAST1430 Chinggis Khan and the Mongol Empire
  • EAST1440 Mongolian History and Traditions
  • EAST2410 Intermediate Mongolian Language
  • EAST2411 Readings in Mongolian
  • EAST3430 Mongol State and Society
  • EAST3440 New Mongolia: Democracy and the Market


  • MA in Mongolian Studies (director)
  • EAST5407M Mongol Script
  • EAST5408M Mongol State and Society
  • EAST5409M New Mongolia: Democracy and the Market