Hervin Fernandez-Aceves

Hervin Fernandez-Aceves

IMS PG Researcher

Summary: Relational sociology, Mediterranean studies, Prosopography, Norman kingdom of Sicily


I am originally from Guadalajara, México. I received my Licentiate (5-year programme) in Political Sciences and Public Administration at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). I then graduated from the Central European University, in Budapest, gaining a distinction in the double MA in History and Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies, and being awarded both the Pro-Rector’s Academic Excellence prize and the Zvetlana-Mihaela Tănasă Annual Excellence Award for my dissertation. I took up the post of University Research Scholar at the University of Leeds in 2013, and I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Institute for Medieval Studies and the School of History. At Leeds, I received a CONACYT Overseas scholarship, was awarded the annual extraordinary research prize, and served as the elected president of the Mexican Society of the University Union. 

Research Interests

My interests lie in the intersection of relational and political sociology, medieval history, and digital humanities. I specialise in Medieval manuscript studies, Eastern Mediterranean studies, and network analysis. I have a special interest in narratology, relational databases, the twelfth-century Mediterranean and its cultural background, digital humanities, and language studies.

My current research focuses on the Norman kingdom of Sicily, and the composition and structure of its aristocracies. My doctoral thesis is a study of the Hauteville kings’ relationships with their nobles and functionaries, especially within the context of the territorial leaderships in the mainland counties.

I have worked under the supervision of Professor Omar Guerrero, Dr. Julio Bracho, and Dr. Niels Gaul. 

My current supervisor is Professor Graham A. Loud.


 ‘The Uncharted Networks of a “Chartered” Territory', (Network analysis and complexity theory in historical and archaeological research. Proceedings of the ‘Entangled Worlds’ conference, Vienna, 2016. Series of the Austrian Archaeological Institute.) FORTHCOMING. 

‘Social Network Analysis and Narrative Structures’, (Intersticios, El Colegio de Jalisco, vol. 4) FORTHCOMING

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‘Modernidad Política en la Edad Media’, (Ágora, El Colegio de México, Volume VI, pp.2-12.) 2009

Teaching Experience

I have taught on the following undergraduate modules:

  • Public Administration Theory I & II (Level 1)
  • General Theory of the State (Level 2)
  • Global History I & II (Level 1)
  • Economics (Level 3)
  • Primary Sources for the Historian (Level 1)
  • Historiography and Historical Skills (Level 1)
  • The Norman Kingdom of Sicily (Level 3)
  • Practical Language Skills in Spanish (Level 1)

Conference Organising 

I have organised discussion panels about the Middle Ages in the School of Political and Social Sciences, UNAM (Mexico), aimed at non-specialised audiences. Since starting my studies in Leeds, I have been a regional director and active participant of the Philosophies of History project, which coordinates regular seminars and workshops. I was also involved in the organisation of the RIXA seminars for undergraduates, offered by the Faculty of Arts. Additionally, I co-organised the interdisciplinary conference in Mediterranean Studies, Leeds 2017, as director. For the latter, I secured considerable funding, both from local and inter-institutional sources. I have also organised several panels for the International Medieval Congress, including sessions on South Italian history and Late Antiquity. 

For further information, please see my  academia.edu page.