Eleanor Nelson

Eleanor Nelson

BA Classical Civilisation (2010)

Summary: Eleanor graduated from Leeds after studying BA Classical Civilisation. She discusses how she found the course and the topics she really enjoyed.

I decided to undertake the BA Classical Civilisation as I had studied it at College and really enjoyed the subjects covered. I wanted to continue onto University to find out more about the Ancient World.

My course was fantastic; I learnt so much and covered topics that I never imagined I would even get the chance to study. I most enjoyed the flexibility in being able to study what you want to. I love literature and so was able to learn more about that side of things.

There is more than enough help available from staff and students for those who need it. The staff are enthusiastic about their subjects which is great because it helps to encourage the students to appreciate what they are learning about. And the same goes for the University as a whole; there is plenty of help out there in many different forms for students to enjoy their time there.

I am currently taking a working gap year and hope to go on to study for a PGCE in Primary School Teaching next year.