Dr Thomas Brouwer

Dr Thomas Brouwer

Research Fellow & Research Development Assistant


Summary: I am a researcher on the Nature of Representation project, and I work with philosophers across the school on developing research funding applications.

Location: Botany House

I re-joined the School in December 2015, after previously completing my PhD here in Leeds (2009-2013) and then working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Northern Institute of Philosophy in Aberdeen (2013-2015).

In my capacity as research development assistant I work with philosophers across the School on developing research projects and funding applications. I also work closely with Robbie Williams in his various roles.

My research is (mostly) in the philosophy of logic, in metaphysics and in metasemantics. I am interested in: the metaphysics and pragmatics of logical consequence; the meaning and role of the logical constants; non-classical logics and the concept of falsity; conventions, conventionality and the metaphysics of social entities; expressivism; metasemantic externalism and challenges of radical indeterminacy; metaontological debates; generality and quantification; poetic meaning; the theory of art; the problem of universals.

As a member of the ERC Nature of Representation project I work in particular on connections between metasemantics and social ontology, in particular the theory of conventions.

I am a member of the Dutch Research School for Philosophy (OZSW) and the International Society for Social Ontology (ISOS).