Dr Simon Hewitt

Dr Simon Hewitt

Research Fellow (Nature of Representation)

Summary: Philosophy of Language; Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics; Philosophy of Religion

Simon is currently working on  questions around on quantifier determinacy and set-theoretic pluralism, as well as pursuing interests in philosophy of religion. A longer term project of his is to investigate the (historically important) view that nothing whatsoever follows from a contradiction. He has been awarded a Leverhulme Early Career fellowship to undertake work on this from 2018 onwards.

His personal website is here.

Research Interests

  • Philosophy of Logic and Language
  • Philosophy of Mathematics
  • Philosophy of Religion 


  • Modalising Plurals in Journal of Philosophical Logic, 41 (2012).
  • The Logic of Finite Order in Notre Dame Journal of Philosophical Logic, 53 (2012).
  • When do Some Things Form a Set? in Philosophia Mathematica 23 (2015).
  • A Cardinal Problem for Permissive Ontology in Metaphysica 16 (2015).
  • A Note on Uzquiano's 'Varieties of Indefinite Extensibility', forthcoming in Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic.
  • Rosy with Sider? The case of the Metaphysical Liar, forthcoming in Journal of Philosophical Logic.
  • If an ontologist could speak, we couldn't understand him, forthcoming in Inquiry.