Dr Heather Logue

Dr Heather Logue

Associate Professor

+44 (0) 113 343 4607

Summary: Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Feminist Philosophy


Heather joined the department in 2009 after completing her PhD at MIT. Her research interests lie mostly in philosophy of mind and epistemology, focusing in particular on metaphysical and epistemological questions related to perceptual experience.

Research Interests

  • Philosophy of Mind (especially philosophy of perception)
  • Epistemology (especially introspection and scepticism about the external world)
  • Aesthetics (especially aesthetic perception)
  • Feminist Philosophy (especially the metaphysics of gender)

Selected Publications

  • “Are Perceptual Experiences Just Representations?”, Current Controversies in Philosophy of Perception, ed. Bence Nanay. Routledge, 2016.
  • “Experiential Content and Naïve Realism: A Reconciliation”, Does Perception Have Content? ed. Berit Brogaard. OUP, 2014.
  • “Good News for the Disjunctivist about (one of) the Bad Cases”, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 86: 105-133, 2013.
  • “What Should the Naïve Realist Say about Total Hallucinations?” Philosophical Perspectives 26: 173-199, 2012.
  • “Why Naïve Realism?” Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 112: 211-37, 2012.

(further publications listed here and here)