George Stamets

George Stamets

PhD student

Summary: Philosophy of action (esp. free will and moral responsibility), metaphysics (esp. powers, causality, laws, personhood)

Research Interests

My primary research interests lie in metaphysics and philosophy of action. My PhD thesis, being prepared under the supervision of Prof. Helen Steward, defends a non-causal libertarian account of free and rational agency. I construct this account upon a broadly neo-Aristotelian metaphysics, defending a version of realism about powers and holding that all agency, including that exhibited by inanimate objects, consists in the exercise of (ontologically irreducible) powers. I am therefore particularly interested in theories of powers/dispositions, causality, laws, and personhood/mentality, among other areas.

Beyond these, I have interests in epistemology (especially the defense of a moderate form of rationalism, and hence foundationalism and internalism about justification), ethics (especially meta-ethics and the defense of a view in the direction of Rossian ethical intuitionism), and social and political philosophy.

Academic History

MA in Philosophy, Florida State University, 2016

BA in Politics and Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh, 2008


I'm very grateful to have received a School of Philosophy, Religion, and History of Science PhD Scholarship, which will support me for the duration of my studies.

For more information, including a copy of my CV, see my personal website.