Dr Benjamin Davies

Dr Benjamin Davies

Teaching Fellow

Summary: School of Philosophy Religion and the History of Science

Location: Botany House Room 2.05


Ben is a Teaching Fellow in Moral and Political philosophy. He completed his PhD at King’s College London in 2015, joining Leeds after teaching for a year in the USA. More information about Ben can be found on his personal webpage (http://bendavies-philosophy.weebly.com/

Research interests: Distributive justice, particularly in health care; animal rights; death; value subjectivism (particularly about well-being). 

Teaching activity: 

Ben is teaching on the following courses at Leeds: Moral Philosophy; War, Terror and Justice; PPE seminar; The Ethics of Life and Death. He has previously taught modules in Epistemology, Political Philosophy, professional Medical Ethics, and Critical Thinking. 

Recent publications: 

  • Ageing and terminal illness: Problems for Rawlsian justice. Journal of Applied Philosophy (Forthcoming)
  • Paternalism and evaluative shift. Moral Philosophy and Politics (Forthcoming)
  • Enhancement and the conservative bias. Philosophy and Technology (2017)
  • Utilitarianism and animal cruelty: Further doubts. De Ethica (2016)
  • Fair innings and time-relative claims. Bioethics (2016)