Dr Jamie Dow

Dr Jamie Dow


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Summary: Ancient Philosophy; Emotions; Ethics.

Jamie joined the Department in 2006, as a Research Fellow in the IDEA CETL, having studied for his doctorate (completed 2008) in St Andrews, on "The role of Emotion-Arousal in Aristotle's Rhetoric", supervised by Sarah Broadie and Stephen Halliwell.

From 2005-6 he held a RIP Jacobsen Fellowship. From 2001-3 he was at King's College London working for an MPhil: his thesis title was "Are we morally responsible for our emotions?" supervised by Peter Goldie. His teaching and research interests are in Ancient Philosophy, the Emotions, and Ethics.

  • "A supposed contradiction about emotion-arousal in Aristotle's Rhetoric", Phronesis 52.4 (2007), 382-402.
  • "Feeling Fantastic - Emotions and Appearances in Aristotle", Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, vol. XXXVII (winter 2009), 143-175.
  • "Aristotle on the Centrality of Proof to Rhetoric", Logique et Analyse, 53/210 (2010), 101-30.
  • "Aristotle's Theory of the Emotions", in Pakaluk, M and Pearson, G (eds.) Moral Psychology and Human Action in Aristotle, Oxford: Oxford University Press (2011).
  • "Ethics of Advertising", in LaFollette, Hugh (ed.), International Encyclopedia of Ethics, Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell (forthcoming 2012).

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