Dr Vahideh Golzard

Dr Vahideh Golzard

Part-time Lecturer in Persian

Summary: Persian language and culture; Persian-English interpretation; Women and Cyberspace in Iran





I hold a BA degree in journalism from the University of Tehran (2000), then studied International Studies at the University of Leeds, followed by doctoral research on ‘Women and Cyberspace in Iran. My PhD focused on women’s use of the Internet in Iran and their perception about empowerment. My main research interests are related to social media and the empowerment of Muslim women. I teach Persian language and culture at the University of Leeds and has been a guest lecturer in other institutions in the UK.  I also work as a Persian-English (and vice versa) interpreter.


Golzard, V., Miguel, C. ( 2016 ). Negotiating Intimacy through social media: Challenges and opportunities for Muslim women in Iran. Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication. 9(2), pp. 216-233.

Salhi, Z. S., Golzard, V. (Forthcoming 2018). eWords for New Worlds: Globalization and the Empowerment of Iranian Women. ( Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication).