Daming Wu

Daming Wu

Associate Professor in Chinese and Translation Studies

Summary: Computer-Assisted Translation; translation and interpreting studies; computer-assisted language learning

About Wu Daming

Mr Wu is experienced in the use of computers in Chinese language teaching.



  • EAST1010 Basic Chinese Language - Chinese Computing Skills.
  • EAST3031 Advanced Chinese Communication Skills (module convenor).
  • EAST3102 Chinese Language for International Trade and Business (module convenor).


  • EAST5265 Introduction to Interpreting (module leader).
  • EAST5903 Principles and Practice of Research.
  • MODL5000 Computer-Assisted Translation (module leader).
  • MODL5005 Computers and the Translator.
  • MODL5212 Specialised English-Chinese Translation (module leader).
  • MODL5302 Extended Translations.
  • MODL5758 Consecutive and Bilateral Interpreting.
  • MODL5858 Simultaneous Interpreting.
  • MODL5958 Situated Dialogue Interpreting.