Dr Sarah Dodd

Dr Sarah Dodd

Lecturer in Chinese Studies


Summary: Contemporary and classical Chinese fiction; science fiction and fantasy; Chinese cinema; translation

Location: 14 Cromer Terrace

Teaching Commitments: I teach on the following modules: • EAST1070 Modern China • EAST1080 20th Century Chinese Culture • EAST1101 Chinese Cinema • EAST2006 China Since 1979 • MODL1150 Worlds of Literature • MODL5321M Specialised Chinese-English Translation

I gained my PhD from the University of Leeds, funded by an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) scholarship. My thesis explored the representation of monstrosity in a collection of seventeenth century Chinese stories, Pu Songling's Liaozhai zhiyi, and my current research is on the fantastic in contemporary Chinese fiction. 

I help run the Writing Chinese project at the University of Leeds, which aims to bring together writers, translators, publishers and academics working in the field of contemporary Chinese fiction, organising events, translation competitions and a monthly book club.

I also co-organise Reading the Fantastic, a reading and research group based in the University and dedicated to all aspects of the intercultural fantastic.