Dr Rebecca Jarman

Lecturer in Latin American Cultural Studies

Summary: Latin American culture and politics, especially urbanization, poverty and populism in Venezuela. Eco-catastrophe and protest in contemporary film and literature.

Location: 2.35 Michael Sadler

Teaching Commitments: Revolutionary Icons in Latin American Culture; Latin American History since Independence; Modern Latin American Literature; Specialised Translation (MA); Translation Theory

Rebecca researches the intersections between culture and politics in contemporary Latin America, particularly the issues surrounding urbanization as these are mediated by film and literature. She held a Mallinson Scholarship at the University of Cambridge, where she completed her doctoral research at Clare College. This explored cultural negotiations of the slums in Venezuelan culture (1958 onwards), to establish the links between populism, the oil industry and urban marginality in twentieth-century Venezuela. She is currently working on a monograph, tentatively entitled Representing the barrios: Culture, Politics and Poverty at the Margins of Caracas. Developing from this is a project that interrogates the cultural history of landslides in Andean towns and cities. She is also interested in literary and journalistic translation, and representations of Latin America in anglophone media. 

Rebecca is Admissions Tutor for Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, and welcomes any related enquiries.


‘Profiting from Poverty in Golden Age Cinema: Representing the Urban Margins of Caracas in Roman Chalbaud’s Caín adolescente (1959)’, Modern Languages Review Vol 112 (3) July 2017, 545-665

‘Bolivarian Landslides? Ecological Disasters, Political Upheavals and National Futures in Contemporary Venezuelan Culture’ EcoZon@ Vol 8 (1) April 2017, 22-41

'Revolutionaries, Rebels and Robbers: The Golden Age of Banditry in Mexico, Latin America and the Chicano American Southwest, 1850-1950, Pascale Baker (2015), Modern Languages Review , Vol. 112, No. 1 (January 2017), pp. 272-274

‘Against Utopia: Fantasies of Emancipation in Ana Teresa Torres's Nocturama (2006)’ Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies, vol 24 (1), 2015, 19-32

Media and Communications

Latest work includes contributions to BBC World Service (‘Gabriela Montero: Improvisation Masterclass’ , broadcast April 2017), BBC History Magazine and The Conversation ('Venezuela’s military has been getting stronger since the days of Hugo Chávez')

Selected Conference Papers

April 2017: ‘Naturalizing Urbanization: Disaster, Detritus and Progress in 1930s Venezuelan Visual Culture’, International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, Lima

June 2016: ‘Si la naturaleza se opone, lucharemos contra ella’: Gendered Violence and Ecological Catastrophes in Contemporary Venezuelan Culture’, Eco-Criticism in Times of Crisis, University of Leeds

May 2016: 'Bolivarian Landslides? Representations of Ecological Disasters and Political Upheavals in Contemporary Venezuela’, International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, New York

May 2016: ‘Queering the barrios? The Politics of Poverty and Sexuality in Contemporary Venezuelan Cinema’, Creative Spaces, ILAS, University of London

April 2015: ‘Political Landslides in Venezuela? Ideology, Childhood and Natural Disaster in Una tarde con campanas(2004) and El chico que miente (2011)’, SLAS Annual Conference, University of Aberdeen

Invited Talks 

March 2017: ‘The Nature of Revolution: Disasters, Citizenship and Countercultures in Bolivarian Venezuela’, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Durham University

November 2016: ‘Bolivarian Landslides: Disaster, Revolution and the Future in New Venezuelan Narratives’, Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Manchester

Conference Organization

 Panel Convenor at the International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, Peru, 2017

‘Eco-Criticism in Times of Crisis: Nature and Capital in the Hispanic and Lusophone World’ at the University of Leeds, 2016

Panel Convenor at the Society of Latin American Studies (SLAS) Annual Conference, Aberdeen, 2015

'The Aesthetics of Politics and the Politics of Aesthetics in Contemporary Venezuela’ at the University of Cambridge, featuring keynote speaker George Yúdice (University of Miami), 2014


Rebecca is a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. She welcomes enquires from prospective PhD students.


• Taught course for MA in Translation Studies on Specialised Translation, ’Journalism in a Spanish to English Context’. Focus on World News, Politics, Sports, Culture, Environment, and theories of journalistic translations

• Assessment of MA theses in literary and academic translation from Spanish to English; moderation of MA theses in academic translation from English to Spanish


• ‘Historical Development in Spain and Spanish America’: team-taught 1st year module; lectures and seminars on conquest, colonisation, slavery and resistance, 1500-1800, with focus on Peru and Mexico

• ‘Latin American History since Independence’: team-taught 2nd year module; lectures and seminars on nation formation and modernisation in Brazil, Haiti, Cuba, Peru and Venezuela 1800-1930


• ‘Introduction to Cultural Production in Spain and Spanish America’: team-taught 1st year module; lectures and seminars on literature during the boom, post-boom and contemporary periods in Latin American literature

• ‘Modern Spanish Latin American Literature’, team-taught 2nd year module including lectures, seminars and workshops on Nicolás Guillén and Rosario Castellanos; analysis of style, form and content in historical context

• ‘From Bolívar to Chávez: Revolutionary Icons in Contemporary Latin American Culture’: research-led 3rd year module; lectures and seminars on revolutionary icons in cultural and political discourse; focus on themes including class, race, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality; materials include cinema, visual arts, literature


• ‘Translation Theory and Practice in a Spanish to English Context’: team-taught 2nd year module; seminars on administrative translations in theory and practice with focus on discourse analysis and target audience

• ‘Translation in a Spanish <> English Context’: team-taught 3rd year module; seminars in journalistic translations from Spanish to English

Extended Essays and Dissertations

• Essay Writing Skills for 1st year students undertaking extended essay project; focus on essay-writing on film and literature; advice on structure, style, research, references, thematic content, development of argument

Final Year Dissertation supervision: topics including contemporary feminist Argentine photography; representations of the Tlatelolco massacre in Mexican literature; populist discourse in Costa Rica