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Summary: Cinema and history; Italian cultural studies; Popular cinema; Terrorism in Italian cinema

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Director of Research and Innovation in School of Languages Cultures and Societies. I work on Italian cinema and cultural studies with Italian and the Centre for World Cinemas and Digital Cultures. I am developing a large project on Italian cinema and history.

A short description of my research (October 2016)

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cinema and history, popular cinema, cultural studies, terrorism and cinema, Italian cinema



Fenomenologia del cinepanettone (Soveria Manelli: Rubbettino, 2013)

The first study of the critically despised Italian Christmas film. Contains a variety of approaches to the genre, including an analysis in terms of the 'carnivalesque', the results of questionnaire about its consumption, and a long collage of interviews with fans, critics and filmmakers.

Tragedia all'italiana: Cinema e terrorismo tra Moro e memoria (Tissi: Angelica Editore, 2007)

Tragedia all'italiana: Italian Cinema and Italian Terrorisms 1970-2010 (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2011)

Tragedia all'italiana studies the representation of the terrorisms of the 1970s in Italian cinema. Examining a wide range of genres - from thrillers to sex movies to auteurist films - the study analyses the ways in which film has played a part in constructing Italian cultural memory of the so-called anni di piombo (years of lead). The more recent English publication is a substantially revised and updated version of the Italian version.

Edited Volumes

I edited the annual Film Issue of the journal The Italianist (founded with Millicent Marcus, Yale) between 2009 and 2013.

Imagining Terrorism: The Rhetoric and Representation of Political Violence in Italy, 1969-2006 (London: Legenda, 2009), with Pierpaolo Antonello (Cambridge)

Terrorism, Italian Style: Representations of Political Violence in Contemporary Italian Cinema (London: IGRS Books, 2012), with Ruth Glynn (Bristol) and Giancarlo Lombardi (CUNY)

'Thinking Italian Film', a dedicated issue of Italian Studies, 63: 2 (2008), with Catherine O'Rawe (Bristol)

Book Chapters and Journal Articles

'The Battle of Algiers at Fifty: End of Empire Cinema and the First Banlieue Film', Film Quarterly, 70: 2 (2016), 17-29 

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'Cinema in the Library', in Michèle Mendelssohn and Denis Flannery (eds.), Alan Hollinghurst: Writing Under the Influence (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2016), pp. 141-55. A longer draft of this article is available here.

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'Mascolinità e bianchezza nel cinepanettone', in Gaia Giuliani (ed.), Il colore della nazione (Milan: Mondadori Education, 2015), pp. 76-91. A longer English version of this article is available here.

'Cinema, storia, Italia: appunti per una ricerca in espansione', Studi culturali, 7: 2 (2015), 265-284. The original English version of this article is available here.

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Reviews and short pieces

Fascism in Italian Cinema since 1945: The Politics and Aesthetics of Memory, by Giacomo Lichtner (2013), H-Net Reviews in Humanities and Social Sciences, October 2016

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Interview with Matthew Monagle on the Italian cop film (the ‘poliziesco’/’poliziottesco’), Paracinema, 21 June 2014

The cinepanettone and Italian Cinema Studies: a conversation with Alan O’Leary and Catherine O’Rawe, one of four pieces on the Italian Christmas film published on the Reading Italian Studies postgraduate forum 'ReadingItaly

'Non disprezzate i cinepanettoni, sono un fenomeno.' Interview with Sergio Caroli. Giornale di Brescia, 1 May 2013

'Film di piombo', with Luca Peretti, Alias, 3 September 2011, ix

'Il terrorismo attraverso il prisma del cinema', with Alessandro Marongiu, Il sottoscritto (online journal, summer 2008)

Websites and Blogs

Italian Cinemas/Italian Histories. This is a project I'm developing with partners from other universities. The goal is to rethink the relationship of Italian cinema to the history of Italy from a descriptive and analytical rather than prescriptive and paternalistic perspective. The website contains a blog and other resources like interviews and event reports.


Progetto cinepanettone. This is my research blog for the project 'Holiday Pictures: Ritual, Genre, and Italian National Cinema' on the series of films released in Italy every December and colloquially referred to as 'cinepanettoni' ('film-Christmas-cakes'). The project is now complete and the blog is being updated only occasionally.

Italian Cinemas/Italian Histories (Mumbai). This blog is a record of two courses I taught at the University of Mumbai in the summers of 2011 and 2013, and it will lead into a record of the project of the same name.

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Conference and Seminar Organisation

'Film and History' seminar series at Leeds 2013-14 convened with Chris Homewood

'"CineRoma", An International Graduate Summer Seminar on the Cinema and the City', Rome, 11-28 June 2012, convened with Zyg Baranski (Notre Dame) and Robert gordon (Cambridge)

'Defining Cultural Studies in a Modern Languages Context', symposium co-organized with Rachel Haworth, University of Leeds, 4 November 2011

'Poor text/ rich context? Approaches to popular film and television', symposium at University of Leeds, 25 June 2009

'National, Transnational, Cosmopolitan: The Locations of World Cinemas', Centre for World Cinemas (Leeds) virtual seminar series in association with the World Universities Network, 2008-09

'Memories of 1968: International Perspectives', 17-18 April 2008

'Thinking Italian Film', Seminar Series 2006-07, convened with Catherine O'Rawe

'La Violenza Illustrata: The Rhetoric and Representation of Political Violence in Italy from 1968 to the Present', Cambridge, 19-20 November 2004

Cambridge University Film Seminar (2004-05), founded and convened with Isabelle McNeill

Graduate Film Seminar, 'Film and the City' (2002-03), Cambridge, Faculty of Modern Languages, convened with Emma Wilson


I teach cinema, history, cultural studies and translation at undergraduate and graduate levels, and received a Faculty of Arts Teaching Prize for designing a film studies pathway through the Italian degree.

Research supervision

I supervise research on Italian cinema and modern culture.