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Dr Rachel Muers

Senior Lecturer in Christian Studies
Deputy Head of School (Theology and Religious Studies)

			Dr 			Rachel  			Muers

+44 (0)113 343 6748

Rachel Muers came to Leeds in 2007. She studied Theology and Religious Studies at Cambridge, and held the Margaret Smith Research Fellowship at Girton College, Cambridge from 2001 to 2003. She was then Lecturer in Theology at the University of Exeter from 2003 to 2007.

Her academic interests and major publications centre around the relationships between modern Christian doctrine, feminist thought and ethics. She is also involved with joint Jewish-Christian-Muslim theological work through the Society for Scriptural Reasoning, and recently received funding from the British Academy to support a project on "Women Reading Difficult Scriptures". She is currently working on a book on theological ethics drawing on Quaker sources and traditions.

Dr Muers was the principal investigator on the AHRC-funded research project 'Vegetarianism as Spiritual Choice in Historical and Contemporary Theology'. In 2012 she was a plenary speaker at the annual conference of the Society for the Study of Theology, presenting a paper on "The Holy Spirit and the Environment".

Research interests

  • Modern Christian theology
  • Theological ethics, especially intergenerational issues
  • Feminism and theology
  • Vegetarianism, diet and theology
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer's thought
  • Biblical interpretation, particularly in connection with Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations
  • Quaker thought
  • Theology and the environment

Research supervision

Dr Muers' current and recent research supervision includes projects on contemporary Christian vegetarianism, Christianity and political liberalism, religious language and Quakerism, the theology of intersex conditions, the significance of suffering in constructing Christian religious identity, theology in twentieth-century drama, and Puritan women's theology.

She would welcome applications from students wishing to conduct research in feminist theory and theology, twentieth-century Christian thought (particularly Dietrich Bonhoeffer), theological ethics, food and theology, and theological aspects of Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations.

Some Recent Publications

 Books as sole author

 Co-authored books


  • 'The Text in Play: Experiments in Reading Scripture', Mike Higton and Rachel Muers (Wipf and Stock 2012) 
  • 'Theology on the Menu: Asceticism, Meat and Christian Diet', David Grumett and Rachel Muers (Routledge 2010)
  • 'Towards Tragedy/Reclaiming Hope: Literature, Theology and Sociology in Conversation' Pink Dandelion, Douglas Gwyn, Rachel Muers, Brian Phillips and Richard E. Sturm (Ashgate 2004)

 Co-authored textbook

  • 'Modern Theology: A Critical Introduction', Rachel Muers and Mike Higton (Routledge 2012)

 Co-edited books

  • 'The Vocation of Theology Today: A Festschrift for David Ford', Tom Greggs, Rachel Muers and Simeon Zahl, eds., (Cascade 2013)
  • 'Eating and Believing: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Vegetarianism and Theology', Rachel Muers and David Grumett, eds., (T&T Clark 2008)

Articles and chapters

  • "John Milbank and the Feminine Gift", in Morny Joy (ed.), Women and the Gift (Indiana University Press 2013)
  • "A Study in Ordinary Theological Ethics: Thinking About Eating", Matthew Barton and Rachel Muers, in Jeff Astley and Leslie Francis (ed.), Exploring Ordinary Theology (Ashgate 2013)
  • "Faithful Untidiness: Christian Social Action in a British City", Rachel Muers with Thomas Britt, International Journal of Public Theology 6/2 (2012)
  • 'Theology and the Ethics of Breastfeeding', Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion 26/1 (2010)
  • " 'It is worse to be evil than to do evil': Dietrich Bonhoeffer's challenge to the Quaker conscience", in Pink Dandelion and Jackie Leach Scully, eds., Quaker Perspectives on Good and Evil (Ashgate 2007)
  • 'Feminist Theology as Practice of the Future', Feminist Theology (2007)
  • "Feminism, Gender and Theology" in David F. Ford with Rachel Muers (ed.), The Modern Theologians 3rd ed (Blackwell, 2005)
  • "Reading Texts Between Generations: A proposal concerning theological engagement with genetic research", Scottish Journal of Theology 57 (2004)
  • "It Takes Two to Reproduce", Cross Currents Summer 2005.
  • "The Gender of Generations: Future generations and the social maternal", Ecotheology 11/3 (2006)
  • 'Idolatry and Future Generations: The persistence of Molech', Modern Theology 19/4 (2003)
  • 'Pushing the limit: theology and responsibility to future generations', Studies in Christian Ethics 16/2 (2003)


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