Students without Borders

A comprehensive language programme for students of Medicine, Dentistry and Healthcare

Students without Borders Flyer

Students without Borders Testimonial (Alex Strother)

The programme is for students of Medicine, Dentistry and Healthcare at the University of Leeds.  The programme advances students’ language skills in French or Spanish, with a specific focus on medical vocabulary and contexts.


The prerequisite for the programme is a minimum of AS/CEFR B1 level or equivalent in French or Spanish.  Students may enter the programme during their first or second year or during their intercalated year of study. For further information, please email


Students without Borders provides an opportunity for students of Medicine, Dentistry and Healthcare to build on their interest in languages. Speaking another language is a privilege and enables us to experience other cultures in a more meaningful way. In the context of medicine, languages can open doors and broaden horizons. The accreditation received on successful completion of the programme will further enhance a student’s CV. It can also provide access to exciting opportunities for students to use their language skills during their elective placements.

Ross Gillespie and Alyss Robinson talk about their Students without Borders experience: