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Internet via intermediaries

To UK higher and further education institutions:

Via the Education Literature Datasets together with the Australian Education Index and ERIC database using a Proquest Dialog interface
For licensing and subscription information see the JISC Collections site


Via Proquest Dialog

For contact information:
Europe, Middle East, Africa
North America
Latin America


Increasing costs, declining print subscriptions, and rising electronic access led to the cessation of printing in 2011. Subject to their continuing availability, annual printed volumes of the Index (Volume 22 1986 to Volume 47 2011) can be acquired from:
British Education Index, Brotherton Library, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT (see Prices for further information).

See also information below about the possibility of a fixed medium.

Fixed medium

The BEI office is investigating the financial viability of a "fixed medium" (CD, DVD) version of the database. On disc this might be searchable through an interface similar to that used in this site for Education-line. If you are interested in having the full BEI database on a fixed medium, contact the BEI office: your interest could influence a decision about this option.

Internet via the BEI

If sufficient interest is shown the BEI office may make the Index database available through its own interface. If you are interested in the possibility of using a more sophisticated form of the free collections interface to access the whole BEI database, contact the office to check on its current status.

Use the contact information to get in touch about any of these options.