Education-line: Laidlaw, M., Whitehead, J. 1995 An educational epistemology of practice

TitleAn educational epistemology of practice
Note30th March 1995 A paper shared with the Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices, Special Interest Group, AERA, San Francisco, 18-21 April 1995
AbstractThere are many different approaches to educational research. There are educational researchers who see themselves as social scientists using the methods of social science in educational contexts. There are philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, historians and management theorists all contributing to journals of educational research. There are others like ourselves who, through researching their own educational practices as teachers and researchers, hope to make contributions to educational knowledge and educational theory. When educational researchers make a claim to know something about their subject, education, they are making a claim to educational knowledge. Those educational researchers who, like ourselves, still believe in the importance of testing the validity of a claim to knowledge, do need to know the unit of appraisal and the standards of judgement which can be used to test the validity of such a claim. In communicating an educational epistemology of practice we intend to show a dialogical form of representation for an educational enquiry of the kind, "How can I help you to improve your learning?", and a dialectical approach to explicating and using educational standards of judgement for testing a claim to educational knowledge
Publication date1995
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