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CongressCATH 2004

The Architecture of Philosophy/The Philosophy of Architecture

CongressCATH 2004, the third of a series of conferences promoted by CentreCATH, will take place in Bradford, UK from the 9th to the11th of July 2004, at the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television,

Final Conference Programme

We are now have a final Conference Programme, an Index of Speakers and an Index of Panels.


The invited speakers are:

Dana Arnold, Centre for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism, University of Southampton
Andrew Ballantyne, School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Irena Bauman,
Bauman Lyons Architects, Leeds
Andrew Benjamin
, Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, University of Monash
Beatriz Colomina
, School of Architecture, Princeton University
Jeffrey Kipnis
, School of Architecture, Ohio State University


Index of speaking delegates.


Information for registering delegates and registration forms are available here. Please read our notes on presentation equipment.


We plan to publish a volume of the proceedings of this conference. If you would like you paper to be considered for inclusion please see the information here.

Organising Receptions

Publishers, Societies, Institutes, and Research Centres may wish to host a reception during the conference. Receptions can be arranged through a special booking form. Rooms, free of charge, are available for booking each evening from 19.30. Catering can be arranged on request. Anyone interested in organising a reception should contact CentreCATH for a booking form.

Exhibiting at the Bookfair

Publishers interested in taking tables at the bookfair should apply using this form:

Planning Committee

Rowan Bailey, Peter Kilroy, Martin McQuillan, Abigail Harrison Moore, Peter Nix and Josine Opmeer.


Arts and Humanities Research Board School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies University of Leeds