We keep a library of video and audio recordings of CentreCATH events which may be audited in CentreCATH or, in some cases, online. Recordings are listed in chronological order by year for 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Recordings of CentreCATH events have been originated in a variety of ways and are held online or on a variety of physical media. Their accessibility to interested auditors accordingly varies. Some recordings are immediately available on the WWW, some may be viewed by appointment at CentreCATH, and a few exist only as originally captured and will require editing befire they can be made available to you. Please examine the Catalogue of Recordings carefully as recordings of many events exist in several forms.

Media Notes

Online Videos - tagged ***

Online Videos are our preferred method of publication. Many recordings are immediately available over the WWW as streamed Quicktime movies. In order to view these videos, you will need to have the QuickTime Player from Apple on your computer. If you do not have QuickTime installed, visit the QuickTime download page to download it.

Audio Compact Disc, Video DV Disc - tagged *

Many recordings are now available as Audio Compact Disc or Video DVDisc for consultation at CentreCATH. Please contact Please contact CentreCATH by email at CentreCATH@leeds.ac.uk to arange a time when you can audit this material.

Audio DAT Cassette, Video VHS Cassette, Video mini-DV Cassette, Audio Compact Cassette - tagged *

These are raw unedited recordings. Please check in the Catalogue of Recordings that the material is not available to you in a more accessible form, before requesting access. You should assume that it will take us some weeks to prepare an edited version of the material for you. Please contact CentreCATH by email at CentreCATH@leeds.ac.uk, to request such material.  


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