Based at the University of Leeds, the ESRC Group on Care, Values and the Future of Welfare (CAVA) was established in 1999 to deliver a five-year research programme on changes in parenting and partnering and the implications of these for future social policies.

At the heart of CAVA's research programme is an investigation into the values that people attach to their parenting and partnering activities. We are interested in 'what matters' to people in these relationships, especially as they undergo change. To this end, CAVA has been conducting six qualitative research projects on aspects of social change in care, relationships and family life. The research team brings together experts from social policy, sociology, geography, psychology, and socio-legal studies.

CAVA's research portfolio has continued to expand over recent years. As well as research funding from the ESRC, CAVA's Research Group also carries out research funded by other bodies, notably the European Commission, the Nuffield Foundation and the Department of Constitutional Affairs (formerly the Lord Chancellor's Department).

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