It is too late to apply for courses starting in autumn 2021: the closing date was 18 November 2020.
You cannot register, start an application or submit an application at this time of year.
The details currently on our website are for the autumn 2021 intake, and will be updated in September 2021 for the autumn 2022 intake, but you can see what's usually involved and start preparing if you wish. Some details may change for the next application cycle.

The Application section of our website gives you all the general information you need to apply, plus some useful numbers and links. For information about the entry requirements and selection processes of specific course centres please see the Courses section.

Get prepared

  • Entry requirements
    • Academic qualifications
    • Relevant experience
    • Residence and fees status
  • Funding
    • Funding for NHS places
    • Brexit
  • International students
    • English language ability
    • Funding for international students
    • International qualifications


  • Documents
    • How to send us your documents
    • Documents for UK/Irish qualifications
    • Documents for international qualifications
    • Other documents you may need
  • References
    • Choosing your referees
    • Submitting references
    • Have we got your references?
  • Dates to remember
    • Dates for the current application cycle
    • Should I apply this year?
  • Start your application
    • Our Guide for Applicants using our website
    • A sample application so you can see the questions you will be asked

After you apply

  • Short-listing
    • Which courses use short-listing tests?
    • When and how will I hear if I've got an interview?
  • Interviews
    • When are the interviews for each course?
    • When and how will I hear if I've been offered a place?
  • Offers of places
    • How and when to respond to an offer
    • How do reserve lists work?

The rest

  • Numbers
    • Numbers of places nationally and at each course
    • Employment rates for clinical psychology graduates and the specialties they go into
  • Equal opportunities
    • National equal opportunities monitoring data
    • The consent you are asked to provide for how the data can be used
  • Links to other websites
    • Links to websites for jobs and work experience
    • Links to websites for international applicants
    • Other websites that may be of interest