It is too late to apply for courses starting in autumn 2019: the closing date was 28 November 2018.
You cannot register or submit an application at this time of year.
The details currently on our website are for the autumn 2019 intake, and will be updated in September 2019 for the autumn 2020 intake.

When you have completed the rest of your application, the Documents screen in your application will show you which documents you need to provide. We only accept the documents requested: we do not accept any additional documents. However, some course centres may have further requirements for documents. Please see the Courses section for details of the requirements of individual course centres.

Please allow yourself plenty of time to organise your documents:

  • Other documents
    • Who needs to provide passports and other visa/residence documents?
    • When are driving licences required?

How to send us your documents

If you have applied before and provided the appropriate documents, please copy these into your current application (you will see a Copy button on the appropriate screen). If we already have good quality copies of the appropriate documents on file you do not need to provide updated versions.

If you have not applied before (or did not provide the appropriate items) you can scan your documents and attach them to your application as pdf or jpg files. Please provide a good quality scan. We often have to contact applicants to get better quality copies eg because of photos taken in poor light or at odd angles etc.

If you are unable to provide a good quality scan of a document you can post a photocopy of it to us instead and we will scan it for you (see the Contact Us page for our address). Please include a note of your name, address, date of birth, and if possible your application ID number, to help us match the document to your application. Please do not post original documents to us.

If you do not have one of the documents yet, you should tick the "posting" box on the Documents screen in your application and you must submit your application by the closing date: 1.00pm (UK time) on 28 November 2018. When you receive the document(s) please email us a good quality scan of it as soon as possible (see the Contact Us page for our email address). We can then add this to your application before it is released to the course centres by the end of January (see the After You Apply section for more details).