Dates to Remember

If you've already applied for an NHS place** for the 2020 intake, you'll hear if you've been short-listed or not by 13 March 2020.

It is too late to apply for courses starting in autumn 2020: the closing date was 27 November 2019.

You cannot register or submit an application at this time of year.

The details currently on our website are for the autumn 2020 intake, and will be updated in September 2020 for the autumn 2021 intake, but you can see what's usually involved and start preparing if you wish. Some details may change for the next application cycle.

  Links to information about Date (if relevant)
Applying Should I apply this year?  
Organising your documents  
Starting your application Applications open during September 2019.
Apply early and save! Submit your application and pay the processing fee by 31 October 2019 to save £10.
Submitting your application The closing date is 1:00 pm (UK time) on 27 November 2019.
References Choosing your referees  
How referees are contacted  
How referees use our website References are due by 6 December 2019.
Have we got your references? We send email reminders about references during December and/or January*.
At the Clearing House Checking applications  
Releasing applications We release all applications to courses by 31 January 2020.
Short-listing Short-listing tests Tests etc are held from December to mid-March.
Short-listing results Courses inform* applicants for NHS places** if they have been short-listed or not by 13 March 2020.
Interviews Interview dates Interviews for NHS places** are held between 16 March and 22 May 2020.
Reserve lists for interviews  
Interview results Courses send results of interviews* for NHS places** by 29 May 2020.
Offers of places Responding to offers Applicants must respond to offers of NHS places** by 2.00pm on 5 June 2020.
Reserve lists for offers  
Courses start The exact starting date varies from centre to centre but all courses start between early September and mid-October and have only one intake per academic year.

* Your email software may treat emails from the Clearing House or from courses as junk or spam, so please check your Junk Email folder and/or Spam Email folder regularly.

** People currently training as clinical psychologists are employed by the NHS. These arrangements may be amended for candidates entering training in 2020, but this is unclear at this stage. Please see the Funding page for more information.