Clearing House for Postgraduate Courses in Clinical Psychology      

Clearing House

Welcome to the Clearing House website where you will find information about clinical psychology courses in Great Britain and about how to apply.

We welcome applications from people from ethnic minority backgrounds, from people with disabilities and from men as these groups are currently under-represented in the profession.

Our website has five sections. We suggest starting with the Basics section as this covers the areas people most often ask about.

Basics includes

  • Entry requirements
  • Funding
  • International applicants
  • Numbers of places
  • Equal opportunities numbers
  • Applicants with disabilities
  • Criminal records and other checks
  • Data protection

Course Centres includes

  • Details of all 30 clinical psychology course centres that we work with

Applying includes

  • When to apply
  • References
  • Documents you need to provide
  • Start your application
  • Equal opportunities monitoring
  • Submit your application
  • Pay your fee

What's Next includes

  • Have we received your references?
  • How we process applications
  • Short-listing
  • Interviews
  • Offers of places

The Rest includes

  • FAQ
  • A-Z index
  • Document downloads
  • Contact us
  • About us
  • Links

If you have problems accessing the internet please contact us to discuss how best you can obtain the information available on our website.