It is too late to apply for courses starting in autumn 2020: the closing date was 27 November 2019.
You cannot register or submit an application at this time of year.
The details currently on our website are for the autumn 2020 intake, and will be updated in September 2020 for the autumn 2021 intake, but you can see what's usually involved and start preparing if you wish. Some details may change for the next application cycle.

You need two references: one academic and one relevant experience. Each reference should be written by only one person. The references are submitted through our website and made available to the course centres you are applying to.

The deadline for submitting references is 6 December 2019. Please allow yourself and your referees plenty of time to get them organised.

We have information about:

  • Choosing your referees
    • What do the references cover?
    • Who can be a referee?
    • Can I re-use references from previous years?

We suggest that you send your referees a copy of our Factsheet for Referees, which gives basic information about references, and you may also wish to send them our Guide for Referees, which takes them through the reference process screen by screen:

Download our Factsheet for Referees - basic information about references

Download our Guide for Referees - screen by screen guidance for referees

Please see our Data Protection page for information on our process for accessing references.