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The Education Conference Programme Service is a key part of the important educational information managed by the British Education Index

With the support of partner associations including the British and Scottish Educational Research Associations the BEI developed this internationally recognised World Wide Web resource to help conference organisers manage and promote their conference programmes and their proceedings.

Abstracts, authors, themes, times and places can be recorded, browsed and searched before, during or after the conference. A permanent archive of the event is maintained and where full papers are presented these are indexed and included in the main Education-line database and will be indexed by the British Education Index. The precise combination of facilities can be discussed and tailored to fit the needs of each conference. Very large and very small conferences can be accommodated and both can benefit.

There are clear benefits for conference organisers, for conference delegates, for conference presenters and for the wider education and training communities. Some of these are outlined here.

Benefits for conference organisers

  • a widely available and updatable conference timetable well in advance of the conference itself
  • a professionally indexed database for long term archiving of conference proceedings
  • international visibility for the whole activity in a well established electronic forum

Benefits for conference presenters

  • an immediate audience for their papers, available before or after the conference as required
  • long term recognition of their work's appearance at the time and place in question
  • the opportunity for continued on-line debate where whole papers have been included

Benefits for conference delegates

  • excellent advance notification of programme details
  • a searchable programme to ensure attendance at first choice authors and themes
  • easy access to abstracts or whole papers for all sessions

Benefits for the wider education and training communities

  • on-line access to the programmes, abstracts and proceedings of large and small conferences
  • cross fertilisation of ideas and interests with browsing and searching across all indexed conferences
  • greater visibility of smaller or more specialised conferences
  • access to specific parts of larger conferences
  • full papers can be identified in the British Education Index and downloaded through Education-line

Notifications of all education and training conferences are most welcome. A Conference Listings page has become a feature of the new integrated service, offering convenient access to conference information to the thousands of academics and other educational professionals who are already visiting the web pages of the British Education Index and Education-line

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