Executive Summary

1 Introduction

Background to the study

Aims and objectives of the study


The structure of this report

2 The staff

Key points

Motives for entering higher education: a typology

The niche-finders

The subject specialists

The new professionals

3 Changes in the workload

Key points


Changes in the student population

Resource constraints and staffing levels

Concerns about increasing workloads

4 The changing roles and responsibilities of administrative and support staff

Key points


The growth of information technology in higher education

Changes in the delivery of higher education

Enterprise in higher education

Responsibility without power

5 Training, staff development and opportunities for career progression

Key points


Opportunities for training

Commitment to staff development

Opportunities for career progression

6 Job satisfaction and plans for the future

Key points


General sources of job satisfaction

Specific sources of job satisfaction

General sources of job dissatisfaction

A future in higher education?

7 Recommendations for change

Key points


Resource management

A better career structure

The need for a strategic approach

End notes

Appendix 1 Technical report

Appendix 2 Topic guide for focus groups