16 September 1996

Professor Alistair MacFarlane
Principal, Heriot-Watt University

Communications and Information Technology in Teaching and Learning in Scotland

David Wann
Director of Funding, Scottish Higher Education Funding Council (SHEFC)

SHEFC Methods of Funding Teaching

30 October 1996

Professor John Sizer
Chief Executive, SHEFC

The Management of Higher Education

Steven Cannon
Secretary, SHEFC

Colin MacLean
Chief Statistician, Scottish Office

Education and Industry Department (SOEID)
Demographic demand for Higher Education in Scotland and Scottish Educational Qualifications

27 November 1996

David Wann
Director of Funding, SHEFC

SHEFC Methods of Funding Research

Ed Weeple
Director, Further and Higher Education, SOEID

Graeme Dickson
Head, HE Division, SOEID

John Henderson
Head, FE Division, SOEID

Higher Education in Scotland - a view from the SOEID

19 December 1996

Professor Peter Bush
Chair of the Committee and Vice Principal, Glasgow Caledonian University

Dr Margery Burdon
Director of Product Development and Marketing, SCOTVEC

Professor Jim MacCallum
Vice Principal, University of St Andrews

Norman Sharp
Head, Higher Education Quality Council (HEQC) Scottish Office

Scottish Credit Accumulation and Transfer Framework (SCOTCATS): A presentation from the Scottish Advisory Committee on Credit and Access (SACCA)

Cliff Lockyer
Fraser of Allander Institute, University of Strathclyde

Economic Demand for Higher Education in Scotland

27 January 1997

Dr Roger Brown
Chief Executive, HEQC

Dr Paul Clark
Director of Teaching and Learning, SHEFC

Norman Sharp
Head, HEQC Scottish Office

Professor John Sizer
Chief Executive, SHEFC

David Wann
Director of Funding, SHEFC

Quality and Standards in Teaching : Process and Outcomes

17 February 1997

Tom McCool
Chief Executive, SCOTVEC

Setting Standards in Scotland