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Download the current list of all the Future of Work Programme output – includes listing of all books, working papers, conference presentations, seminars and workshops, public lectures and media coverage:

Publications summary – May '04: (260Kb PDF document)

Media summary – May '04: (90Kb PDF document)

As part of its dissemination activities, the ESRC's Future of Work Programme has produced a series of seminars and publications on four issues at the centre of current public policy debate - Worklife Balance, Organisational Change and Performance, The Future of Employee Relations and Diversity in Britain's Labour Markets. At each seminar an invited audience of senior practitioners, academics and policy makers, were challenged to think about key policy issues arising from the research, and how these would influence their own organisations.

Seven reports by Robert Taylor, Media Fellow, ESRC, are now in the public domain. 'The Future of Employee Relations' and 'The Future of 'Work-Life Balance', 'Britain's World of Work - Myths and Realities', 'Diversity in Britain's Labour Market', 'Managing Workplace Change','Skills and Innovation in Modern Workplaces' and Partnerships at Work-The Way to Corporate Renewal?

Hard copies of all reports are available from the Programme Administrator. Alternatively, please click on the links below.

These papers are available to download as Adobe Acrobat (v5 or later) documents.

NOTE: 25 Feb '05 – The papers have now been reworked with fewer graphics and sized to A4 to aid downloading and readability.

1: The Future of Employee Relations (320Kb) September 2001

2: The Future of Work-Life Balance (312Kb) March 2002

3: Britain's World of Work - Myths and Realities (368Kb) July 2002

4: Diversity in Britain's Labour Market (360Kb) September 2002

5: Managing Workplace Change (404Kb) November 2002

6: Skills and Innovation in Modern Workplaces (468Kb) June 2003

7: Partnerships at Work. The Way to Corporate Renewal? (560Kb) September 2004

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The Programme Director's publications are also available.

Copies of all papers are available from:
The Programme Administrator
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Telephone: 0113 343 4504
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