Current Projects

Below are details of some of the projects Estate Services' teams are currently involved in.

New Undergraduate Library

Work commenced in early August 2013 to establish the construction site for a new Undergraduate Library. It will be situated between Emmanuel Church and St David's Church (Halo nightclub) on the site of the visitors' car park. University Security offices have moved to the newly refurbished 175 Woodhouse Lane to enable early demolition of the old Security building.

The new Library will have a gross floor area of circa 6,550m2 spread over 5 storeys. The lower ground floor will be staff offices, deliveries and engineering plant space. The ground floor will be main entrance, high demand book stock, group study and café. Upper floors will be group study, training rooms and book stock/silent study.

Approximately 1,000 new Library seating spaces will be provided bringing the overall University ratio of students to seats to a UK best practice of approximately 6.5, creating new types of learning environments to support collaborative study styles. The Library will also contain a distribution of fixed computers with print facilities, laptop loan facilities, training facilities including highly IT enabled teaching rooms, wireless connectivity throughout, self-issue and self-return facilities, Library/ISS helpdesk, a 'Leeds for Life' zone and community engagement facilities.

The Library will primarily be for first and second year undergraduate use and will allow a re-balancing of space in the Edward Boyle Library and the Brotherton Library to enhance the overall quality of the study environment.

Building works will complete at the end of 2014, with the new Library opening in spring 2015. Total costs of the project are £27.4m. It will be constructed to BREEAM Excellent standard, with low energy passive design and renewable energy generation.

Initial works involve the erection of the site hoardings, which will eventually display images of the new building, traffic and pedestrian management on Hillary Place and the removal of trees from the site. When the project is finished the total number of new trees planted will exceed those removed as part of its construction. The tree planting and landscaping will link in with the University's Bio-diversity Action Plan

Construction vehicles will approach the site via a new opening off Woodhouse Lane onto Hillary Place in front of St David's Church (in the location of a previous road entrance). Only construction vehicles will be able to use this entrance for access. They will leave campus via the main University entrance/exit.

Programme on site August 2013 to end of 2014.

Total Project Cost - £27.4m.

Activities Week Commencing 05 May 2014
  • Concrete pour tomorrow, 030514 to PT3, 2F.
  • Site closed Sunday 4 and Monday 5 May.
  • Main focus through next week is the targeting of concrete pour to PT4 2F, 100514.
  • Continuing 2F columns throughout.
  • Casting 2F upstand beams to PT pour 1 area.
  • Installation of decking to 2F PT Slab pour 2 continuing, following with reinforcement and PT installations.
  • Works to core 4 (2F).
Construction Project Team
 University Project Manager – Brian Ford  M&E Engineer – Couch, Perry & Wilkes
 External Project Manager – Davis Langdon  Structural Engineer – WSP
 Architect – ADP Architecture  Cost Consultant – E C Harris
 Contractor – Shepherd Construction  

Social Sciences Refurbishment

The Social Sciences Building is to be completely refurbished and reconfigured to bring together the School of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) and the School of Sociology and Social Policy (SSP) within a single 'fit for purpose' building with a modern study and research environment. Investment in the Social Sciences Building will enable each of the schools to be located on one site, together in one building dedicated to developing world social science. It will provide a new excellent teaching and learning environment for undergraduate and postgraduate students and create study facilities, social spaces and common areas where staff and students can readily interact.

Equality Services, who currently reside in the Social Sciences Building, will shortly be moving to newly refurbished and purpose designed accommodation in Chemistry West Block. POLIS and SSP staff have decanted while the refurbishment is undertaken.

The work will involve the full replacement of windows with new high performance units, new low energy mechanical and electrical installations including state of the art phase change materials, a new passenger lift installation to make the building fully accessible and new finishes throughout.

The covered walkways to the north side of Social Sciences will be removed as part of the project. This will enable us to open up the vista between the Student Union/Beech Grove Terrace, Ziff Building and the new Library on Hillary Place. The Robinia tree between Social Sciences and Ziff, adjacent the cycle stands, will also be removed as it has been classified as a poor specimen, of poor vitality, containing deadwood, with historic root damage and in decline. The tree will be replaced on completion of the refurbishment with a suitable specimen and in accordance with the University's Bio-diversity Action Plan.

Programme on site - 19 August 2013 to 11 August 2014.

Total Project Cost - £8.505m.

Activities Week Commencing 03 February 2014
  • Installation of the new windows is under way to levels 14 and 13.
  • Removal of the old aluminium frames to the court yard is 80 % complete ready for new glazing.
  • Repairs to the roof commence on the 3rd February.
  • Completion of the sample office room is expected by the 7th February.
  • Commencement of containment runs for the electrical works has commenced.
  • Stud partitions have commenced.
  • Block work to the lift shaft is expected to commence on the 10th February.
Construction Project Team
 University Project Manager – David Oldroyd  M&E Engineer – Redworth Associates
 External Project Manager – Faithful & Gould  Structural Engineer – BSCP
 Architect – DLA Design  Cost Consultant – Gleeds
 Contractor – GB Building Solutions  

Relocation of Geography to Garstang, Manton & Miall Buildings
Relocation of Faculty of Environment administration offices to Staff Centre

Geography's continued growth has filled their current available space and now requires additional room to accommodate incoming staff and planned expansions. In addition, Geography's current space is no longer of suitable quality for a growing school with a strong reputation in both teaching and research. All three FoE schools and the Faculty offices are currently housed in buildings that are scattered across campus.

This project involves the relocation of the School of Geography to the Chancellor's Court area, to occupy refurbished space in the Garstang, Manton and Miall buildings. The location of Geography close to SEE and the Faculty of Biological Sciences will encourage new research collaborations and more efficient sharing of laboratories and equipment, plus space for growth. At the same time the Faculty Administrative Offices will be relocated from present unsuitable accommodation to the currently under-utilised Staff Centre building in Chancellor's Court, adjacent to SEE and Geography. This will allow all Faculty staff to work together as one core unit. SEE will also expand into additional space in the Staff Centre building to provide extra space for academics and researchers

To maintain a sense of identity a dedicated entrance, reception and social space to Geography will be formed off level 7 of Chancellor's Court. All of the School's Laboratory facilities will be located and contained within the Garstang Building at levels 8 and 9. The use of this space for laboratories takes advantage of the higher floor to floor heights. The majority of the offices, meeting space, break out / informal social spaces and teaching areas are to be located at level 10 of Garstang, Manton and Miall Buildings.

The work will involve the full replacement of windows with new high performance units, upgrading the thermal performance of the faced, new low energy mechanical and electrical installations, an upgraded passenger lift installation to make the building fully accessible and new finishes throughout.

Similar levels of improvement will be undertaken to the Staff Centre, however due to the building's listed status the existing windows will be retained and new secondary glazing installed.

Programme on site – 9 September 2013 to mid-September 2014.

Total Project Cost - £14.3m.

Activities Week Commencing 4 November 2013
  • Continue scaffolding erection.
  • Demolition work commenced Manton/miall level 7, Garstang Level 10 and Staff Centre Level 9.
Construction Project Team
 University Project Manager – Lisa Tyler  M&E Engineer – Silcock Leedham
 External Project Manager –Gardiner & Theobold  Structural Engineer – BSCP
 Architect – Fairhurst Design Group  Cost Consultant – E C Harris
 Contractor – Miller Construction  

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