Design Services

Burton Art Gallery

The in-house design team provides on-campus architectural, engineering and interior design expertise. It is available to all University departments undertaking smaller schemes of refurbishment, extension or alteration.

At an early stage you should complete a Project Initiation Form. Our team can then assist you in developing your accommodation ideas (however hazy) into workable and affordable projects, enhancing teaching, research or related activities.

Project Lifecycle

We may already have sufficient information and possibly plans for the areas involved. If not, we will be pleased to arrange surveys to assess the current situation and uncover its potential. It is vitally important to quantify basic space and verify facility requirements.

Combining this information with your own thoughts, we can work up a brief together, including the precise potential and usage of each space. Feasibility studies will now be prepared to arrive at the preferred, costed scheme.

Following sign-off of this critical stage, changes must be avoided after which every effort can be focused on developing the basic scheme into a full set of drawings and specifications to get accurate and competitive building prices.

With the right budget and a favourable tendering climate the focus quickly moves onto site and the start of construction activities.

During this phase, our in-depth knowledge of site operations and building practice allows us to monitor contractor progress, workmanship and costs.

As completion approaches and you look forward to moving in, our attention shifts to the crucial issues of fitting-out, commissioning, testing, snagging and handover of the finished accommodation.

To achieve the right result takes considerable knowledge, experience, care and commitment. We may not get everything right at every step of the way. And that's why we ask you for some helpful feedback. Please don't forget to tell us also what you liked about the service and what you didn't like in the whole process.

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